Rafa Nadal’s overwhelming secret to never lose concentration

In a training session prior to the US Open, the Spaniard was close to breaking a racket

Rafael Nadal is focused to the maximum to dispute the US Openthe last Grand slam of the season, but still spoke of a well-kept secret about his career. However, he does not want to waste time, and more so this year, in which he won the Open Australia and the Roland Garros.

There he goes in search of one more, and that is why his training They were demanding all these days. In fact, in one of them, there was a moment that went wrong and he almost dropped the racket on the ground. But he controlled himself. Something that has had everyone very surprised.

Rafa Nadal secret
The man from Manacorí gives some details of his secrets when competing

Rafa Nadal has once again revealed a secret to be the greatest of all

After the shot did not go as he wanted, Nadal tightened his grip on the racket and almost crashed it to the ground. However, just before he hit the ground, he stopped, and made a minimal downward movement. An imaginary gesture that he was going to break her, but in the air.

However, with a smile, he settled back to continue the training. Thus, he avoided replicating one of the many scenes that are sometimes seen on the pitch when players get frustrated. That coldness and self-control so that anger and frustration do not dominate him has been constant in his career.

His good education also comes thanks to his former coach, Toni Nadal

He was able to regain his composure just as he was about to pop the racket. That is the spirit of Rafa Nadal: serenity always ahead. Surely, he remembered the words of his former coach, Toni Nadal, when he told him clearly: “Break a racket and I will stop being your coach.”

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It should be remembered that in his young age Federer broke rackets very often while Djokovic in moments of great tension is often seen out of his mind destroying a racket, the last one he broke was at the Tokyo Olympics in his defeat against Pablo Carreño in the fight for the bronze.

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