The Manacor tennis player will be a father with his partner, further increasing the rumors

After his victory at Roland Garros, Rafa Nadal left in the air his possible withdrawal due to the chronic injury who suffers in the foot. An injury that does not allow him to lead a normal life or compete with peace of mind, since the pain and infiltrations are continuous in his life. A difficult situation that hinted the retirement of the tennis player with the most Grand Slams in historywho already leads Federer and Djokovic by two titles.

Likewise, it has recently been confirmed that her partner, Mery Perellothis pregnantexpecting her first child. This encouraged rumors about the tennis player’s retirement, since he himself went so far as to declare that he would like to dedicate all his time to his son when he had it. That is why his retirement seemed closer than everespecially after winning a new title in his favorite competition.

Rafael Nadal injury
Rafa Nadal will play, at least, three more tournaments

Rafa Nadal will continue to compete despite injury

However, and despite all the information that pointed to his withdrawal, Rafa Nadal plans to continue competing in 2022. As he himself commented, he was going to look for another solution for his foot problem and, if not find it, he would withdraw, because he could no longer live with that situation. But now everything seems to indicate that he has found an alternative.

In this way, their short-term plans are to continue competing. The most immediate great competition is Wimbledon 2022 and there we will see the current number 4 in the world. But he is not going to finish his season in the London tournament, as we have also learned that his plans are to play another two tournaments before the end of the year. Two tournaments with which he could put an end to his career.

The last 2 tournaments that Rafa Nadal will play in 2022

After Wimbledon, Rafa Nadal has his sights set on the Canadian Masters 1000. It will be the only tournament he plays before the 2022 US Open, with which he will close the season. And who knows if it will also be his last tournament, since he could retire at the end of the year. That yes, there are those who assure that he will try to stretch his career one more year, having a date already reserved for his final goodbye.

This year has been very close, but Rafa Nadal will continue playing after Roland Garros. However, there are many possibilities that he will retire after Roland Garros 2023. He would do so in the tournament that he has won 14 times, his favorite tournament and with which he has a special idyll. That is why we could be in the last year of Rafa Nadal’s career, one of the best athletes in history.


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