Rafa Nadal will be an important hotel entrepreneur

Together with Meliá, Rafa Nadal opens his second Zel Hotel on the Costa Brava

Rafa Nadal, the Mallorcan tennis player known worldwide for his achievements on the court, continues his foray into the business world with the opening of his second hotel. This time the chosen destination is the picturesque Costa Brava, in collaboration with Meliá Hotels International. The launch of this new facility under the Zel brand, conceived in December 2022 together with Meliá, marks a significant milestone in Nadal’s business diversification beyond tennis.

Now the Zel Costa Brava promises to be an exceptional retreat for lovers of nature and discreet luxury, located in an incomparable natural enclave between Cala Pola and Cala Giverola, near Tossa de Mar. This new project that emerged was the Pola Das Giverola Resort belongs to Azora and is in the process of a major renovation to adapt its design and services with the standards of the Zel brand.

Rafa Nadal Hotel
The first Zel hotel, which opened in Mallorca in 2023, had already laid the foundation for this successful alliance.

A Mediterranean destination with Zel essence

A commitment to outdoor living and biophilic design will be central to the 214 rooms. promises a unique experience in one of the most important travel destinations in the Mediterranean. Gabriel Escarrer, President and CEO of Meliá, highlights the energy and innovation that will characterize this hotel and position it as an essential destination on the Costa Brava.

The Zel Costa Brava will not only enrich the hotel offering in the region, but also strengthen Nadal’s connection to projects that combine sport, nature and sustainability. The choice of Tossa de Mar as the location for this new hotel underlines the brand’s commitment to offering authentic and high-quality experiences in harmony with the natural and cultural beauty of its locations. Nadal expresses his enthusiasm for the project and emphasizes the importance of expanding the Zel brand while keeping its promise to nature. impeccable surroundings and service that define the Zel experience.

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On the way to international expansion with Zel

The alliance between Nadal and Meliá is preparing to make the Zel brand known beyond Spanish borders. The next big step will be the opening of Zel Sayulita in Mexico, planned for 2025. This project not only symbolizes the brand’s international debut, but also represents the ambition to bring Zel’s Mediterranean essence to exclusive destinations around the world. With this strategic step, Nadal and Meliá are positioning themselves at the top of the hotel industry and promising their international guests innovations and unforgettable experiences.

The expansion of Zel underlines the success of the collaboration between Rafa Nadal and Meliá and marks the beginning of a new era for the brand. With projects such as the Zel Costa Brava and the future Zel Sayulita, Zel’s unique value proposition is expected to enchant travelers around the world and cement its position as a synonym for quality, innovation and respect for the natural environment.

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