Home Sports Rafa Nadal knocks out Djokovic in a single set

Rafa Nadal knocks out Djokovic in a single set

Rafa Nadal shares his thoughts on eternal competition with Djokovic

In a recent interview Rafael Nadal addressed the intense rivalry he has had with Novak Djokovic over the last decade. Known for his humility and passion on the court, the Mallorcan tennis player offers a balanced perspective on what it means to compete at the highest level. high level.

Rafael Nadal admits that although he always strived to be the best, His focus wasn’t just on titles or defeating Djokovic. For Rafa, satisfaction comes from his love for tennis and the fact that he plays every game with integrity and determination.

Rafa Nadal Djokovic
Rafa Nadal acknowledges that Djokovic was better because of his physical abilities and playing style

Nadal’s relationship with the Grand Slams and the pressure of the record

Rafa has always expressed his feelings openly. He admits it doesn’t make him jealous to see Djokovic win more Grand Slams, but he doesn’t deny his desire to keep the record. “I would have liked to be the tennis player with the most Grand Slams in history,” he admits, but emphasizes that it was not an obsession.

He acknowledges Djokovic’s intensity and ambition, but also highlights his own “healthy ambition” that has allowed him to maintain calm and perspective even in the most difficult moments of his career. This balanced attitude was one of the keys to his success and longevity in the tennis world.

The world of tennis beyond competition

While the rivalry between Nadal and Djokovic is making headlinesRafa also takes a moment to talk about his relationships with other tennis players. He mentions his friendship with Roger Federer and how he supported promising young players like Carlos Alcaraz.

The Mallorcan tennis player looks back on his career and admits that he made mistakes but doesn’t regret them. For him, every decision made was linked to the goal of protecting his career and health. Although he acknowledges that Djokovic has proven himself to be a formidable rival, Rafael Nadal remains true to its philosophy: playing with passion, integrity and love for the sport.

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