Rafa Nadal changes his habits to destroy Novak Djokovic

The Spanish tennis player has a new goal in mind

Rafa Nadal goes ahead in the Mexican Tennis Open on acapulco and after beating Denis Kudla, he has spoken about his next targetwhich has a lot to do with Novak Djokovic. While the tournament is being played in the North American country, the Spaniard has taken the opportunity to leave some very interesting phrases about his future.

With 21 titles Grand Slamthe manacorí is one of the most successful and is still valid, as it was shown in the Australian Open. Although he is among the best in history, Rafe he knows that time passes and he will have to set new goals.

Nadal Tokyo
Rafa Nadal wants to go for more Grand Slam

Rafa Nadal sets a new goal to beat Djokovic

In an interview in Mexico, Rafa Nadal has confirmed that he is no longer obsessed with being number 1 in the world and on the contrary has in mind to beat Djokovic. That is why now he has considered being the one with the most big titles and will not pay attention to tournaments that do not contribute to that goal.

On the subject of being number 1 in the ATP ranking, he was forceful. “That time has definitely passed. Physical problems kept me from finishing a few years at number one; I’m not going to pursue that goal, it would be a mistake.” The king of clay concluded in the press conference after the duel against Denis Kudla.

The Manacorí will focus on winning the big titles

Rafa Nadal’s mind is only about beating Novak Djokovic and he will focus on it from now on, taking pressure off minor competitions. “At that point there is no pressure. I am almost 36 years old. There is nothing external that causes me more pressure than my self-demand”. It was another of the phrases that the manacorí left and that surprised.

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We will have to wait then for what may happen in Rafa’s future. For now, he will focus on further progress in the Mexican Tennis Open. Although the physical problems are still latent but to a lesser extent, the Spanish tennis player shows that he has intact talent and can continue to surprise as happened in Australia.

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