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Rafa Mir signs his comparison with a fight in the Sevilla FC dressing room

Now the Cartagena striker knows more than ever that he cannot continue in the Sevilla team. The tension in the team locker room is quite high and given the negative results, everyone wants to get off the ship.

Striker Rafa Mir’s time at Sevilla FC is very short and with every defeat the team loses, his inevitable departure accelerates. After the defeat in the Champions League, which completely eliminated them and left them with only a slim chance of qualifying for the Europa League (if they beat Lens), the Cartagena attacker realized this His time in the Nervión team ended.

Nobody understands how Sevilla ended up losing a game that they won 2-0 in the 67th minute. However, it should be noted that Argentinian Lucas Ocampos was shown the red card two minutes later, which put the Sevilla team in a very bad position. In the end, PSV took advantage of the extra man and turned the situation around to get a little closer to staying in the league.

Rafa Mir Sevilla
Rafa Mir argued with his teammate Marcos Acuña in the dressing room tunnel and the fight was very tense.

After Sevilla FC – PSV there was a fight in the tunnel between Rafa Mir and a teammate

The feelings left by the very tough defeat against the Dutch club came to the surface. Everyone was hot, especially the Murcia striker who only played 16 minutes in the second half. As expected, his short time in sports was not enough to help the team. But at the end of the game there was an embarrassing scene in the tunnel leading to the changing rooms.

Rafa Mir and his partner Marcos Acuña got into a verbal argument that almost got out of control. This is just one example of the decay that is taking place in Seville and will continue to be so. At least until the coaching staff leaves. The former Huesca has understood that his presence there is not necessary and wants to leave the Nervión club now more than ever.

Rafa Mir urges his agent to leave Sevilla FC

Currently, the striker has little chance of joining another team from January next year. The reason is simple: in the offices of the Sevilla team there is still no offer with the name of the Cartagena striker. There are only a few clubs that have inquired about him, including Valencia CF, but Peter Lim has already stated that they will not sign anyone in the winter market.

The only option that Rafa Mir has near him at the moment is that of AC Milan, where they have already condemned Serbian Luka Jovic. Before they signed the former Real Madrid striker, the Murcia striker was one of the options and now that the Balkan striker didn’t work out, they will try again with the former Wolverhampton. The only thing that is certain so far is that the player will no longer remain in Sevilla FC’s discipline.

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