Rafa Mir plans to change scenery this summer

He Sevilla F.C. look for a way out for the Murcian player, Rafael Mir, due to his performance and little participation with the Sevilla team. A player of his physical condition is not giving the expected level and Sevilla is already thinking about listening to offers.

Those from Nervión are already thinking about the big game next Thursday at Old Trafford, where they will compete in the quarterfinals of the Europa League.

After the dismissal of Jorge Sampaoli and the arrival of José Luis Mendilibar, the team has noticed an improvement in results, two games and 4 points. But there is something that catches the attention of the Sevilla fans and that is seeing how Rafa Mir is increasingly disconnected from the group in the fields. The striker has great physical strength and height, but he hardly wins a dispute or race and he hasn’t won an aerial duel for a long time. He usually comes in when the team is suffering to be able to vent the team, but lately he is not usually a good support.

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He didn’t play much with Julen, nor with Sampaoli and now with Mendilibar it seems he doesn’t have him and whose contract ends in 2027. Valencia seems to want to take advantage of the opportunity since the black and white team has been waiting for the Murcian for years, who was in the ché quarry If the Valencians manage to stay in the First Division they will go for Rafa. But they will have to compete in the race for Mir with Wolverhampton who are also on their trail.

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