Radio is all the rage in the middle of the digital age

The radio is in fashion. Not even the digital age has been able to displace this means of communication. Against bad omens, its strength and influence on the population remains unchanged. Even digital natives look at the airwaves with interest. In recent times, more and more communicators and talents from other sectors are interested in having programs.

Some have even been born on digital platforms and have sought to enlarge their audiences by establishing themselves on a radio station.

Others, most of them, have migrated from television. In several cases they have not returned to that medium and have stayed on the airwaves. Some share in both.

In economic terms, the figures have seen real possibilities of generating money, either directly with standard or traditional advertising or through the monetization of the digital channels through which they broadcast.

Even the way he presented himself in the booth changed. Before, an announcer or commentator could even wear shorts and flip-flops.

Now they even wear jackets and ties, women with their best clothes and makeup because the visual has become as important as the sound.

Music has led to the loss because as the audiovisual became the protagonist of the citizen’s daily life, the owners of stations were giving their schedules to interactive or talk shows, analysis, comments, interviews and other proposals in which the word is the one that dominates.

+ The change

That part of the radio also knew with some skill to adapt to the new digital times and the cold and anonymous booths became a showcase for the public and there are already radio stations that resemble a television channel, a hybrid that came to strengthen this means of communication.

Although they offer their content live, in traditional morning, afternoon or evening hours, this new way of doing radio, using social networks and digital platforms, has given radio a new dimension.

It is a model of this century that has made a formidable dumbbell for the engagement of talents and new audiences that do not necessarily have to stick to listening to a program at a certain time, but when they want to see it, at the time they want, they know that it will be available on YouTube and other internet services that they will easily find.

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Although the rise of interactive programs is not a new phenomenon, the changes are dynamic and are seen with marked renewal.

In Santo Domingo, stations such as Z-101, Zol FM, Neón 89, CDN Radio, Rumba FM, Super 7 and others that gave their musical spaces to interactive programs.

The trend of spaces for conversations and dominated by the gift of the word took schedules that were previously musical in other stations, such as La Bakana, Fidelity 94, Escándalo 102, Super Q, KQ 94, Caliente 104, Estrella 90, Quisqueya FM, Heartbeats, Station 97, The Different Note, Pura Vida FM, Ritmo 96 and others.

The most recent to join this programmatic tilt is the 99.3 frequency. From completely musical under the name Soft Sound it became a hybrid as Alofoke FM.

Here the program “This is not radio” has just been established and it has already announced the entry into its programming of the “Recetario del doctor Guerrero Heredia”.

In the morning.
The morning session continues as the north of many radio figures. Socio-political and current programs such as “The Government of the morning” and “The Sun of the Morning” established the route in that sense.

After the rise of the interactive, little by little entertainment programs were added. “The Rhythm of the Morning” is one of the pioneers. Another offer is “El Cafecito con Cacharrá” (Scandal 102), “Good morning with Aguiló” (Hot 104), “El Mañanero con Boli” (La Bakana 105), "Ultra Morning Show" (Beats FM) and more recent “This is no radio show” (Alofoke 99.3 FM). Other special themes that have programs are sports, health and entertainment.



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