radical turn for Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz

One of the most specialized sports journalists in the world of motorsports, gave his opinion on the panorama in which the two Spanish drivers are immersed ahead of the great race in Azerbaijan

This Sunday we have Formula 1 in one of the most difficult races of the season, the Azerbaijan GP on the Baku street circuit. Due to the characteristics of the track and the new rules regarding sprint races, this weekend’s competition is one of the most complicated of the year. Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz He has a litmus test to overcome.

The tension is hardly normal and from this Sunday Formula 1 could undergo a significant change for the other races of the season. This is what Antonio Lobato, a sports journalist specializing in motor racing, and one of the most experts on the subject in Spain, warns. According to the Asturian “We are facing a weekend that will radically change F1.”

Without a doubt, the Baku GP will be a litmus test for Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso.

Antonio Lobato gets wet and comments on his sensations before the Baku GP

One of the most knowledgeable of Formula 1 in Spain, he could not ignore the modifications that the FIA ​​has made in one of the most challenging tracks of the season. “This weekend is going to radically change the conception of Formula 1. I think we are going to see battle and a real show. This format wants to end training. In the sprint race, the drivers will be able to take risks because they will have less to lose”.

As expected, Lobato also dared to say who is the favorite, taking into account the work of each team with their single-seaters. “The surprise is how Red Bull has achieved such a powerful DRS with fewer man hours than the others. They are magicians because they are in another galaxy” sentenced the Asturian journalist.

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Lobato also pointed out how Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz will do at the Baku GP

Of course, Antonio Lobato could not leave without talking about the top Spanish representatives in F1, Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz. “There are no great news from Aston Martin for Baku, for Canada there will be an important evolution. What we are experiencing is not normal, the leap that Aston Martin has taken is a miracle. Winning races is going to be difficult under normal conditions. The most feasible would be Monaco”.

As for the Madrid pilot, it was shorter. “The problem is not Sainz, it is Ferrari because Carlos has confidence in a car that is not up to the task“. Antonio Lobato hopes that the British and Italian teams will have a good performance in Azerbaijan, and above all that their star drivers (Alonso and Sainz) will be protagonists in the Baku GP.

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