Racquetball with aggressive plan to recruit new talent

The intense search for new talents that are incorporated into the practice of racquetball became one of the approaches that the executive committee of the Dominican Federation of this discipline externalized to execute aimed at forging valuable prospects and strengthening them for the next Olympic cycle.

Rafael Fernández, president of the Federation and speaking on behalf of the committee, outlined the brilliant performance of this sport in the concluded Central American Games San Salvador 2003 and explained that from now on the executive committee of that entity will begin an extensive cycle of visits to schools, schools and clubs with the aim of attracting the best possible talent to incorporate it into racquetball.

Likewise, the institution’s field of action will extend to the country’s universities, where valuable personnel can also be found who show interest in joining the group.

“These are some of the vital points that the racquetball executive committee has discussed firsthand, to carry out a wide cycle of visits, in order to train new values ​​and this includes going out to the provinces and municipalities of the country, especially reaching the poles. tourists,” he said.

During the first meeting of the executive committee, after the Central American Games, Fernández congratulated the athletes and all the Federation personnel for the brilliant work carried out in which they obtained three bronze medals, after spending four years with a pavilion in repair process.

“We already have a properly repaired, beautiful structure, with comfortable courts, now we must continue our process of strengthening the Federation and this will only be done with the incorporation of new talents,” he added.

He valued the great work recorded by the athletes in the Central American concluded in that perhaps due to the long time they had not trained, it was not in sight that they would obtain medals.

But, Merynanyelly Delgado and Alejandra Jiménez in a female double; Ramón de León and María Céspedes in mixed doubles, as well as Delgado, Céspedes and Jiménez in teams, all bronze medalists stood up for racquetball in the games.

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