Racing took a too short and too expensive nap

And the second was not the charm for Racing de Fernando Gago. Five minutes of deep nap at the start of the second half was too expensive for him and overshadowed the various positive things that the Academy showed this Friday, which had lost 2-1 to Central in Rosario in the debut of its DT and ended up falling for the same result before Defense and Justice at the Presidente Perón stadium, where Diego Armanado Maradona was remembered at 10 with an emotional minute of applause.

With this result, the local (23 points) deepened its very bad moment, in which it adds just one win in the last 13 games (five defeats). Beccacece’s Falcon, meanwhile, is the opposite: they won five of their last six games while drawing the remaining.

Racing had the ball, the initiative and, above all, the necessary errors to tarnish Gago’s presentation to the local public. The first part showed an Academy that handled the strings of the match, with a neat game and even pleasing to the beholder eye … As long as it was the first three quarters of the court. At the time of stepping on the danger zone, the ideas fled: auctions from far away -one of the apparent new seals of the Racing Gago version- and nonsensical centers were the alternatives.

But everything changed in the second part. Gago made two changes from the dressing room and things did not go as expected: in just six minutes, he was 0-2. The first goal of Defense, from Bou, came after pressure before the defective exit from under Racing -another of DT’s seals- and the second, with the local almost knocked out, after a bombing by Hachen that hit the crossbar and a capitalizing rebound from Paredes.

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“Milito hay uno” began to descend from the stands as a protest for the present and against the leadership that fought with the former striker at the end of last year, when he left his position as manager. But all was not lost for the local.

Although Racing -converted into Deportivo Garré- constantly bet on the hypnotic overflows of the skilled left-hander on the right, the discount would come with a long pass from the bottom that Copetti took, who, about to define, dropped after Colombo’s push . The exRafaela himself exchanged the penalty for a goal by beating Unsain, once and for all, with a great performance.

Racing looked for it and looked for it and almost deserved it but neither Correa’s headers nor Lisandro’s shots nor good intentions reached him to reach a draw. The Academy, technician goes, technician comes, he got used to losing.


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