Home Sports Racing makes moose’s shortcomings profitable

Racing makes moose’s shortcomings profitable

Racing makes moose's shortcomings profitable

Santander Racing took advantage of the doubts and irregularities in the moose gamewhich continues this season without taking off, e.g Add your first point as a visitor in this championship.

The Cantabrian team, surpassed in the first part, He used his moment after the break to equalize and even came close to winning in the closing stages of the gamewhen Elche, again convicted for lack of penetration and defensive gaps, were down a player after Carlos Clerc was kicked out.

Elche and Racing entered the field with the determination to impose their style. The Elche team, hurt in their self-esteem by their poor start to the league, offered their most dynamic and vertical version. while the Cantabrian team tried to develop the game further.

Arana tested Badía’s reflexes with two shots, while Elche, with Febas as organizer, used the depth of his wingers to create danger.

Gradually, Elche caught on to his style and became more widespread in the area. Febas grazed the goal with a narrow shot and Ezkieta saved Racing from a Mourad header.

The game began for Elche after half an hour of play. A loss of possession by Mantilla was punished by Clerc, who used the line to go deep and placed a ball behind him which Argentina’s Nico Castro found the net.

The goal collapsed Racing and gave Elche wings, overwhelming the rival at times. Nico Castro from a free-kick and Josan with a shot blocked by the defense ended the first half with Racing sidelined.

After the break, the visiting coach said, José Alberto López upset his team with the arrival of Peque, which decisively influenced the gameand Andrés Martín and Racing changed radically in attack.

The Cantabrian side warned with a shot from Mantilla which Badía saved and moments later it was Arana who completed a brilliant joint effort to level.

Elche woke up and regained control of the game, making Ezkieta man of the match.

The goalkeeper blocked a dangerous shot from Febas and moments later put out a powerful hand to thwart a close-range Nico Castro shot.

When moose pushed the most Clerc was driven out, and he struck down Ekain as he walked alone towards the illegal area.

Racing completely dominated the game against the withdrawn Elche with another player. The two teams had a chance to win the game until the last moment, but the marker didn’t move.

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