Racing had the ball. But the goals were made by Gymnastics. The Academy paid again with a 3-1 loss for the weakness of a defense that once again gave advantages and conveyed an unequivocal sense of insecurity. It is a fact that Racing has closed the match with a possession of 75 to 25 over Gimnasia. Because it did not generate situations in that overwhelming proportion. Every time the team from La Plata was able to cut and counterattack quickly from midfield, it revealed the slowness of a line that never worked with four, three and five men at the bottom.

Gymnastics started winning 6 minutes into the first half with a goal from Eric Ramirezafter a corner by Alemán from the left and a header by Ramón Sosa that Gastón Gómez could not hold. Enzo Copetti tied at 25 with a good definition and at 35, his own German, After a push from Mura to Sosa inside the area, he scored 2-1 from a penalty.

In the second half, the referee Falcón Pérez did not charge a penalty from Piris to Copetti which made Racing very nervous. Vecchio and Cardona entered, but fluency in handling the ball could not be recovered. And at 32 minutes with a great free kick from 25 meters, German secured the gymnastic victory.

Racing once again showed the same problems that have left it out of the Copa Sudamericana and Argentina. A lot of possession of the ball, but little definition. And a defense that shrinks behind the midfielders but that is very easy to overflow on the sides and that always ends up running from behind. If he intends not to lose ground and fight for the title, coach Fernando Gago will have to balance his team and defend better. Those who go, do not return. And to push higher he needs faster men who can recover positions in a short time and defend with the court in front.

Not even the income in the second half of Vecchio (by Rojas, who was injured again) and Cardona by the side Mena (who had played a good first half) led to a racing attack that once again depended on Copetti’s attacks . Based on how much the ball had, Racing generated very few clear arrivals. If, in addition, when he is attacked or counterattacked, he defends very poorlyit should not be surprising that Gimnasia, with a simple and practical scheme, with the speed of Chávez and Sosa on the flanks and the quality of the Uruguayan Alemán, has won a game in which he took advantage of everything that Racing offered him in both areas.


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