Racing had no ideas and barely matched with Banfield

Racing threaded his third 0-0 against Banfield consecutive. He has the least beaten fence in the championship (just one goal in ten dates). But only eight goals in favor. And seeing it you understand why. All his energies were spent defending. Or at least, in not giving advantages.

Came to put nine men in that task (the four defenders, the two central midfielders and the two that go by the flanks). And many times Javier Correa was only upstairs waiting for someone to bring him the decent ball. So it is very difficult to play well and score a goal.

Against Banfield it was more of the same. He defended with intensity and efficiency. But he had a hard time holding the ball because he lost it too soon. They missed single passes, players who are supposed to be on the right foot but seem obsessed with running backwards.

And the banfilean arch was so far away that only once did he arrive in danger throughout a match of unfeasible mediocrity: 40 minutes into the first half, Lovera came from the left wing to the middle and fired a crossed left-footed shot that went outside. Before and after, he did the same as the magicians; nothing around here, nothing around here. Not even the income of Rojas, Garré, Lisandro López and Copetti could change that depressing image.

Banfield did not make an outstanding contribution either. Won only one match so far in the tournament and seeing it also understands why. He brought the ball more or less well to the edge of the large area. But in the last 20 meters of the court, his ideas were obscured. There was a time from the first stage in which he arranged his pieces better in the middle of the field and was able to demand two good saves from Gastón Gómez. Afterwards, the helplessness and boredom were total. Playing everything badly they played, the 0-0 of Racing and Banfield was immovable, the logical consequence of so many things badly done.

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