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Racing: Gago would make a change against Boca

Racing: Gago would make a change against Boca

Racing He didn’t stop after Tuesday night’s devastating 5-0 thrashing of Aldosivi. With the conviction that awaits a very brave semifinal against Boca on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. on the Lanús court, coach Fernando Gago ordered a light practice. The soccer players who were against Mar del Plata carried out regenerative exercises, while those who were not part of it or were there for a few minutes worked with greater intensity on the pitches of the Tita Matiussi Stadium in Avellaneda.

As it transpired, Gago would ratify ten of the eleven starters. The only doubt is the presence of Matías Rojas or Fabricio Domínguez as a midfielder on the right. Rojas played a very good game against Aldosivi but the mark is not his strong point. On the other hand, Domínguez, even without the power and the panorama of the Paraguayan footballer, can provide more balance in midfield and overwhelm Colombian Sebastián Villa when he goes back there. It’s just a hypothesis and Gago has time until an hour before Saturday’s game to make a decision.

Unless the coach changes his mind in the next two practices, Racing would go to Boca with Gaston Gomez; Mura, Sigali, Insúa and Piovi; Rojas or Fabricio Domínguez Miranda, Moreno and Alcaraz; Copetti and Chancalay.



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