Racing’s coach, Fernando Gago, is analyzing making changes to the team ahead of next Saturday’s game against Boca, which will mark the first semifinal of the Professional League Cup.

After beating Aldosivi 5-0 and with the level of football displayed by the “Academy”, everything seemed to indicate that the technical director would repeat the line-up. However, the Paraguayan Matías Rojas could start the classic on the substitute bench.

It should be noted that it is not due to a performance issue -since the former Defense and Justice was one of the figures- but it would be due to a tactical change, since Fabricio Domínguez would go in his place, who has more defensive characteristics and could contribute more contention by the sector of the attacker from Boca Sebastián Villa.

Although there are no confirmations so far and if there were no problems, the rest of the team would be the same one that crushed the “Shark”, since the only injured that Racing has are Gabriel Arias, Mauricio Martínez and Gabriel Hauche.

In this way, the probable team is the following: Gastón Gómez; Facundo Mura, Leonardo Sigali, Emiliano Insúa, Gonzalo Piovi; Leonel Miranda, Aníbal Moreno, Carlos Alcaraz; Matías Rojas or Fabricio Domínguez, Enzo Copetti and Tomás Chancalay.


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