Racing de Gago beat Boca de Ibarra again, again at the end

Racing de Gago beat Boca de Ibarra again, again at the end

Almost two months after the Champions Trophy, Racing won a final against Boca again and for the same result. This time for the so-called International Super Cup, which made its presentation in the United Arab Emirates, and ended 2-1 in favor of those led by Fernando Gago, who defined history in injury time with a penalty executed by defender Gonzalo Piovi.

Unlike that remembered duel at the beginning of November in San Luis, which had given the label of “rematch” to this Friday, There were no expelled anywhere, although they did have a strong leg. It is worth remembering that 10 red cards were distributed on that occasion (between starters and substitutes) and since Boca ended up with less than seven players on the field, the match was terminated.

In Abu Dhabi, where the head of the AFA, Claudio Tapia, and fans of both teams, including the bars, there were only two cards: yellow and from Racing’s side. The referee Fernando Rapallini avoided using the red despite numerous strong plays but He did not dodge the controversy since in discount time he sanctioned a penalty for Racing.

After a nice collective play, Sández dived inside the area to prevent a cross from Jonathan Gómez and, after a rebound, the ball hit his hand, which by then was already at the level of his head. The referee did not hesitate, from the VAR they confirmed it, and once the minutes of protest xeneize finished, Piovi broke Javier García’s bow to give Racing title number 39 in its history and Gago’s second in his career as DT.

The left-hander was one of those who was involved in the incredible final of the last Professional League, when several academic players argued to see who would kick the penalty vs River, that Armani finally stopped Galván and decreed the league consecration of Boca. That time, according to the footage, Piovi said “look, I’ll break the bow” at the time of the candidacies, but it was Galván who kicked. A short time later, his warning came true.

Regarding the development of the game, Racing displayed its usual good treatment of the ball, even with the debuts of reinforcements Maxi Moralez and Juan Nardoni. The 1.61 meter midfielder was even a fundamental participant in his team’s first goal, enabling the Colombian with a great pass Carbonero, who escaped at full speed and defined face to face with García.

That was the 1-1, since minutes before Boca had found the initial advantage -as happened in San Luis- with a past cross from Briasco that Sández combed and ended in an unstoppable volley from Roncaglia.

Although each one with their weapons, Boca much more direct and withdrawn and Racing with possession, where they both agreed was in wanting to exploit their very fast left wingers, the Colombians Villa on one side and Carbonero on the other. The one who finally prevailed was the one in light blue and white and who once again showed the confidence with which he closed the year. Carbonero even had the 2-1 play shortly before the penalty, when he received a filtered pass from Gómez, left García on the road and defined deviated, with little angle, but the empty arc.

Thus, Racing became the first champion of the year and extended the joy with which it closed the 2022 calendar. Boca de Ibarra, who did not even have Agustín Rossi on the bench and only debuted the returned midfielder Equi Fernández -he entered for the second half to counteract the dominance of Racing and had a good income- after a slow market of steps, it will be a wake up call for what is to come.


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