Racing climbed to the top of the Professional League and fights for the crown

Racing Club beat Lanús 1-0 in La Fortaleza by penultimate date of one Professional League on fire and was at the top of the table with 50 units, two more than Bocawith one game less.

In the plugin, Enzo Copetti (11 goals in the tournament) scored the only goal for Fernando Gago’s team, who dreams of becoming champion on the last date pure onslaught.

The Garnet added a new frustration and It is located penultimate, 30 units below its winner.

The defeats of Boca and River, plus the draw of Atlético Tucumán, put pepper to the definition of the championshipso that racing club stepped onto the lawn of La Fortaleza with the certainty of playing a duel that had to win for fight for the crown

The game started intense and evenbut first the host warned after the Paraguayan Cazal beat Pillud and his center was connected by the eternal “Pepe” Sand, whose header went wide.

Despite the customary pressure that racinguista forwards usually offer, with Copetti as the flag bearer, Frank Kudelka’s team was firm in all its lines and patiently awaited an error from the visitor to strike.

So things, while Sand (well taken by Sigali) was offered as a download and stalked the area of ​​the Chilean Arias, the stubborn Troyansky tried to shoot from outside the area, although with little luck.

The Academy seemed to miss Emiliano Vecchiohis all-terrain midfielder suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament Y that with the standstill of more than six months that he will have to face there was even speculation with an early retirement of the activity of the former Rosario Central.

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Because Carbonero was well controlled by the defenders of Garnet, Alcaraz and Rojas looked inaccurate to set up the game, and Copetti sometimes had to go too low in order to make contact with the ball. despite thatthe platinum attacker of the Academy He was the one who came close to the goal on a couple of occasions.

In the middle of a complicated and unattractive procedure in which Lanús appeared a little more aggressivewhile being firm and disciplined when it came to defending, both went into the break with the fences at zero.

Gago’s team came out to play the second half with Rojas more plugged in and determined to look for the opposite goal, despite the fact that the Colombian Carbonero systematically lost in his attempts to attack against Di Plácido.

Even so, Kudelka’s team arrived in danger after a corner and a rebound that allowed Loaiza to hit a shot that went high. In the replica, the admitted Mura launched a very dangerous shipment from the right that De Amores found very attentive.

The meeting was dying and then the Paraguayan Rojas rubbed the lamp and enabled Copetti, who he won the backs of Ortellado, accurately defined next to the goalkeeper’s stick and deposited Racing well up and wanting to shout champion.

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