Racehorse tested positive for methamphetamine after victory

A racehorse tested positive for methamphetamine after winning a competition in Ohio. Experts warn that the use of illegal substances in racing is “out of control”.

This is the horse named Gardy’s Legacy that had a blood test done after a win at MGM Northfield Park. The result was positive for methamphetamine, a Class 1 Class A felony (according to the US Trotting Association).

When the result of the test was revealed, the Ohio State Racing Commission suspended trainer Samuel Schillaci for one year and he was fined $1,000. In addition, the Standardbred horse was also disqualified and its $4,500 winnings were refunded.


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PETA spoke out and showed that it disagreed with the measures taken against the coach

For PETA, the world animal rights organization, the measures against the horse trainer were not enough and they are calling for a permanent ban on Schillaci from the sport.

“This small administrative penalty and suspension is disproportionate to such a serious violation,” said PETA Vice President Kathy Guillermo.

“Methamphetamine puts a horse’s life at risk and trainers who treat one horse so callously will do the same to others. “The commission should consider not only the safety of Gardy’s Legacy, but also that of all other horses in Schillaci’s stable,” he added.

Likewise, the vice president said that the decision to ban the trainer’s participation in other races would create a safer environment for the animals participating in this type of competition.

“Permanently banning Schillaci from competing in Ohio would create a safer environment for all participants,” he emphasized.

However, the Ohio State Racing Commission said on local news program WJW, “The judges imposed the maximum penalty allowed by law.” That means there’s not much more that can be done.

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