First chance to save yourself mathematically, how do you live it?

He tells us that it will be a game with emotions and disputed. High tension between two teams that look a lot alike. If that is the reward for all the effort and mental exhaustion, hopefully we will be able to achieve it.

Do you have any last minute leave?

Not at the beginning. We will include Jonathan Silva who has been out for some time and we have no casualties.

The other day you mentioned that there are no alarms. Why?

We have the feeling that we are a balanced team that competes every game and is always inside. We can be outclassed in some phases, but we are stable. We have played under a state of alarm and we have normalized it. The players play with a certain freshness and personality. We don’t want to change that dynamic.

Have you given them time to recover physically and mentally?

It’s about recovering between games. What we haven’t done is train. We have to be as smart as possible. The important thing is the game and between games the only thing we want is to get the group back, for them to feel strong emotionally and feel that we have enough energy tomorrow. Those who play with added pressure for a long time have to regenerate their minds.

The most difficult thing is to close the permanence as it happens in tennis with closing a match?

That measures a lot the mental strength of the players. Closing goals measures that. We want to be better and better and it is a good opportunity to show that we are not scared. Opportunities in football and in life are there to be taken advantage of and I hope we are capable of doing so.

Do you expect a competitive Osasuna even if nothing is at stake?

Undoubtedly. We already saw it against Lightning. The pressure that both teams endure are different. We play thinking about the result and the rival just plays. That relaxes you a lot when it comes to facing the game with more self-confidence. We have known how to live in this dynamic for twenty-eight games and we have to continue the same way.

How is Quique Sánchez Flores?

It has been a stage of absolute maturation. There is always time to grow and learn. It has been the most complex season I have experienced after so many years training. It is being a new experience. I feel good, it hasn’t taken years off my life and my mind hasn’t gone crazy. It is a test that examines us in other aspects of our human strength. When the season is over I will explain the process.

Did the changes on Sunday also seek rest in the legs for tomorrow?

I didn’t make any changes planned for the next game, nor have I done it all season. We are only interested in the game we are going to play. Unfortunately we don’t have room to imagine two games.

Hugo Duro stays in Valencia. Would you have liked to have him?

At the time he is not with us, I do not consider him a Getafe player. He is a good boy who has come a long way in the last two years. He has what he deserves, to be wanted at a club and to develop as a footballer. I only had a few words with him in Getafe and he seemed like a lovely guy. I wish him well.


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