Quimsa repudiated the homophobic cries of his fans against Sebastián Vega

The leadership of Quimsa de Santiago del Estero today issued a statement in which it repudiated the shouts and homophobic songs of his fans against the forward Sebastián Vega, in Thursday night’s match between the local team and Gimnasia y Esgrima de Comodoro Rivadavia, for the Liga Nacional de Básquetbol (LNB).

“The HCD of the Quimsa Athletic Association rejects the unfortunate behavior of some misfits who during the third quarter of the game, They disturbed the player Sebastián Vega with their songs,” they wrote on the official Twitter account.

The incident occurred on closing of the third period when the former player of the Santiago institution received different homophobic insultsat the time his coach decided to replace him.

Vega, one of the Gimnasia figures, got angry and had to be calmed down by the captain, pivot Diego Romero, while the match was stopped for at least ten minutes.

“This institution repudiates and does not share this attitude, which It has nothing to do with the club’s thinking towards one of the most remembered and valued players who wore our jersey and who led our club to the title of National League Champion,” the statement continued.

“It goes without saying his quality as a person and that he always had exemplary behavior with the Quimsa family”, concluded.

Vega is one of the best basketball players in recent years in the National League, with steps for Central Entrerriano de Gualeguaychú in its beginnings and later by Peñarol de Mar del Plata, Boca, Quimsa -twice-, Libertad de Sunchales and since 2018 in Gymnastics.

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Later, the basketball player communicated on Twitter with his followers: “After what happened yesterday, Far from feeling disappointed, I feel very happy. The support was felt and that speaks of the fact that we are no longer the same as before, we are better people.”

“Thank you for the respect and for so much affection on the part of everyone; leaders and fans, thank you,” he concluded.

In addition, in April 2021 during an interview given to the Basketball Confederation, he detailed how he decided to publish his feelings: “I was on guard all the time, spending a lot of energy on other things than what I really had to consume it on, training and working . And over there, hiding a lot of things, they make you feel bad, that you don’t feel the way you want, that leads you to be in conditions where you don’t feel comfortable. This caused me to get injured.”

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