Quilmes and Chacarita finished a friendly against pineapples

The footballers of Quilmes and Chacarita, both in the First National, got into a fight this Friday in a friendly played in the southern zone and consequently Gabriel Díaz ended up injured at the premises and Luciano Perdomo during the visit.

“The match between Quilmes and Chacarita was suspended due to a general discussion between the teams,” announced Quilmes on his Twitter account. “These are things that happen, unfortunately we could not continue playing. We are not happy with what happened and we are all responsible and we must take responsibility because they are things that don’t have to happen but it is always useful to learn”, said Aníbal Biggeri, DT of Chacarita, on the site ‘Doble Amarilla’.

The fight, which ended with physical violence between both delegations, began after a strong cross between Nicolás Caro (Chacarita) over Federico Anselmo (Quilmes). This led to a strong recrimination by the striker, which the defender responded with insults and led to a one-on-one fight that ended in a general altercation.

The Images spread on social networks showed moments of tension in which the soccer players from Chacarita, with yellow bibs, intertwined with those from Quilmes, in blue clothing, although the duration lasted a total of five minutes.

The two teams armed themselves with aspirations to fight at the top, to put an end to it with several seasons on the rise Argentinian.

The Aprevide spoke

Knowing about the fight The Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sport (Aprevide) issued a statement hours later, with the word of the owner, Eduardo Aparicio. “We need the commitment of the institutions to prevent these events, we are working to eradicate violence in stadiums and these unsportsmanlike attitudes cannot be overlooked by those who should set an example from the field of play”, he says.

The communication with the presidents of both clubs was positive and it is expected that the measures with the players will be determined in the next few hours. professionals who intervened in the incidents”, communicates the document.

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