Queralt Casas: “Going to the Final Four at La Fonteta would be like winning the Euroleague”

Valencia Women’s Basket is two steps away from making history. In their first participation in the Euroleague, they have qualified for the quarterfinals and the pass to the Final Four will be played against Beretta Familia Schio. The Valencian team finished third in the regular phase and has the court factor against. The first match is played in Italy, the second at La Fonteta on Friday and, if necessary, a third and final match would be played on Wednesday on Italian soil.

Rubén Burgos, who this season has become the coach with the most games managed in the club’s history (239), will not be able to count on two of his best players: Cristina Ouviña and Alba Torrens. The one that is available is Queralt Casas. The international player has spoken with AS before the tie and is optimistic about her team’s chances.

You are leaders in the league and you arrive at a good time for the tie…

“The important moment has arrived where we risk everything. Everything we’ve done so far doesn’t count, so let’s go for the last push. We have to gather strength to be at our peak next month”.

What is Valencia’s goal right now?

“Valencia’s objective is not to win the Euroleague. Before the start of the season, anyone would have signed to be where we are. It is heavy what we are achieving this year. Being in the top three in the league and being able to win the Cup. We have to take that little step to not only play finals, but we have to win them.

Can Valencia win the Euroleague?

“It is very difficult to win because Fenerbahce is there. In theory no one can cope with Fenerbahce. Even if you have a good day they must have the worst day of their lives because they are so good. For us, being here is a prize. Living the experience of being among the top four is a prize. I’ve played a Final Four and it’s amazing. If we arrive we will go to win it “

The club and L’Alqueria del Basket…

“It is evident that they bet on us and on basketball. We are privileged because we have everything in the club. Anything you need they are always there. We are not waiting for anything, we focus on the track and that helps a lot”.

The tie against Beretta Familia Schio…

“Tuesday’s game is super important. Playing a third game there would be very difficult. I sign win of one in Italy. La Fonteta pushes a lot. If we go to the Final Four here in La Fonteta the pavilion falls, it would be like winning the Euroleague”.

In Valencia we will be full faults…

“There is no need to say anything because the pavilion is going to be full. Here basketball is lived a lot, but if it is necessary to have to say something, leave the failures for two hours (laughs) ”

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