Queen Letizia was also a victim of Rubiales

The controversy surrounding Rubiales’ kiss with Jenni Hermoso isn’t over yet and every day new controversial images of the RFEF President are emerging, this time with Queen Letizia

He Spanish women’s soccer witnesses one of its brightest moments, with victories shining in the headlines and in the hearts of fans. However, the RFEF President’s actions tarnish those moments of glory and cast a dark shadow over what should be an impeccable celebration. Even more so considering the latest images that have come to light Queen Letizia also suffered from Rubiales’ bad behavior.

From celebration to controversy

It’s not the first time an inappropriate gesture spoils a win. But what happened at the recent celebration is particularly shocking. Rubiales, the country’s top football authority, should be the first to show professionalism and respect. However, his behavior suggests the opposite.

The unwanted kiss to Jennifer Hermoso

An act that was meant to be a formality and a recognition of the player’s skill and dedication was overshadowed by an unsolicited personal gesture. The pictures of instant rejection by Jennifer Hermoso are eloquent. His uneasiness, shared by many, reflected a general irritation at Rubiales’ lack of tact.

Queen Letizia also suffered rubiales in the World Cup final
New pictures of Rubiales in the World Cup final come to light

An inappropriate gesture in full jubilation

But what happened to Hermoso wasn’t the president’s only slip-up. In a moment of euphoria, Rubiales forgot the dignity his position demands and performed an inappropriate gesture. Show me Personalities like Queen Letizia and Infanta Sofia It only makes the situation worse and shows a lack of respect not only for the players but for the country as a whole.

The Apology: A Balm or a Temporary Band-Aid?

Although Rubiales has issued a public apology, the question remains: is this enough to undo the damage done? Apologies are a step, but the real one Change must relate to attitude and action. As the governing body of Spanish football, the RFEF must lead by example, especially in moments as crucial as a World Cup win.

The future of women’s football and the role of the RFEF

Women’s football in Spain has shown that not only can it compete at the highest level, but it can inspire a nation. The responsibility of RFEF and Rubiales is clear: to ensure that these achievements are celebrated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

A call for thought

It is important for sports leaders to reflect on their behavior and understand the impact of their actions. At a time when women’s football is striving for recognition and respect, it is vital that those in positions of power show a genuine commitment to these values.

It is imperative for future generations and all players who dream of winning a trophy for their country that the shadow of inappropriate actions does not overshadow the brilliance of their achievements. The ball is now with the RFEF and bei Luis Rubiales, who could resign in the next few hours.

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