Queen Elizabeth’s death certificate released, was anything written?

Queen Elizabeth II’s death certificate has been released, detailing the cause and time of her death, among other details.

The death certificate of the 96-year-old Queen of Great Britain, who died at her Balmoral Castle estate in the Scottish Isles, was released on Thursday.

The report stated that the queen died at 3:10 pm on September 8 and the cause was ‘old age’.

Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning monarch in British history, having been crowned in 1952, making her 70 years on the throne.

A certificate issued by National Records of Scotland shows that the late Queen’s death was registered by her only child, Princess Anne, on September 16.

Princess Anne said in a statement from Buckingham Palace on September 13 that she was with her mother during the last 24 hours of her life.

The certificate lists the Queen’s place of death as ‘Balmoral Castle’, the occupation section reads ‘Her Majesty the Queen’.

If the Queen had died in England, there would have been no need to register her death because the law only applied to subjects there, but in Scotland, under local law from 1836, which is different from England and Wales, ‘Every person’s death’ will be registered in Land.

The timing of the Queen’s death confirms that the Queen’s two youngest sons, Princes Andrew and Edward, her daughter-in-law Sophie and grandson Prince William did not arrive at Balmoral at the time of her death.

The royals landed at Aberdeen Airport in northeast Scotland at 3:50pm and arrived at Balmoral just after 5:00pm, with Prince William’s younger brother Prince Harry arriving last in the evening.

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The Queen’s eldest son and successor, King Charles III, was said to have traveled to Balmoral earlier in the day, according to reports.

According to the certificate, the cause of death section listed only ‘old age’ and no other cause was mentioned, ending speculation that the Queen suffered from a ‘special illness’ in her final days. She was suffering.

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