Quartararo: “Every year we lose more in the classification”

Bittersweet feeling for Fabio Quartararo at the conclusion of the Sepang test for MotoGP. On the one hand, he feels happy with him. top speed increase experimented with the new Yamaha engine, capable of reaching up to 335 per hour on the Malaysian straight when before it stayed at 330, but on the other hand it has some Huge inexplicable difficulties with a new tire.

“I have a mix of feelings. I am very happy with the top speed, because it is something that I have been asking for for a long time. And we also had many things to try, something that makes me happy, because it was what we had asked for, to try many things. But today the sensations have not been too good. Yes, they have been in some areas and, for example, with a used tire I am very happy, because with 22 laps on the tire I managed to do a 2:00. But Putting on a new tire has been a nightmare. We have to find out why with a new tire we are not able to take a step and we know that this is the most important thing now. There will be qualifying and sprint races, and right now we are not able to take a step forward. Last year I also suffered here in qualifying, but that’s not the reason why we’re a second behind. I hope that in Portimao we find the solution”, the 2021 champion began by saying at the end of his weak performance of these three days, 19th, one second behind the head.

When asked what the problem is, he says, “That’s what we’re trying to find out. That’s the problem: if I don’t look at the screens and the time, the feeling is that I’ve shot in a low 1:58, but then I look at the times and I’ve done a 1:59. I don’t know what is happening and that is the main problem and the biggest question mark. I feel like every year we lose more in qualifying. In 2019, in my first year, I did a lot of pole positions, and then we have been falling and falling… and now it is impossible. But the worst thing is that we don’t know why.

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Regarding the new fairings, he still has to decide on the final option: “Yesterday we tested both. We have to reconfirm in Portimao, but so far maybe what I feel is a bit more spin in the slow corners, but I’m not entirely sure. Today we have focused a lot on the electronics and the engine. It is something that we have to reconfirm in Portimao”.

And by reminding him that his pace was good with a worn tyre, Quartararo once again emphasizes how vital it is to solve the problem they are suffering right now: “We have to improve a lot. When I was running at a low 2:00 with 18, 19, 20, 21 laps on the tyre, I was faster than my best lap in the race, so I can be happy because that condition is totally different from that of the weekend. of career. But as soon as we put new tires on, the sensations go down. And this is something we have to find out, because now to be able to fight for victories, 80% depends on being ahead in the standings”.

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