Home Sports Quartararo already squeezes Yamaha from his champion throne

Quartararo already squeezes Yamaha from his champion throne

Quartararo ya aprieta a Yamaha desde su trono de campeón

Fabio Quartararo makes his debut as MotoGP world champion this weekend at the Alrgarve GP. The first French champion in history in the queen class looks radiant and already serves as champion, because from his new throne He is already pushing his factory to make a faster Yamaha.

When asked at the Portimao 2 press conference about what he is asking of his factory for 2022, he said: “You already know, top speed. I feel very good on the bike, but I need top speed, not only for the straight, it is very important, I need this for some circuits. Obviously, if they improve the chassis, the better, but it is already so good that the margin is little. But working at top speed is the key to what I’ve asked Yamaha to fight on some circuits easier, and to be able to overtake more easily. “

The devil He lived very special days after being crowned in the Misano 2 race. “I still lack a voice… It was super nice to celebrate with the team on Sunday after winning the title in Misano. I stayed after a few days with my family and it was hard to go back to training after having had some parties, but it had to be done, also thinking about this race. It has been a very special week after winning the World Championship, “he says, aware that this is not over yet, because it will depend on him that Yamaha can win the triple crown this year (drivers, manufacturers and teams):” Honestly, I do not feel pressure because I have achieved my goal, but I come here to do my best, to fight to win or to get on the podium, although it is something that I cannot control. I’ll do my best and see what results I get, although obviously it would be very nice to get the triple crown. “

Joan Mir’s successor to the throne has made it clear that he will keep the 20 on the fairing of his M1: “We are not going to see number one on my motorcycle, because I started with 20 and I don’t feel like I am number 1. I will continue with the 20 until the end of my career, because it is the one I wanted and with which I have been racing since I was four years old and it is very special to me. “

And had good words for Marc Márquez, absent from this appointment due to a slight concussion while training doing motocross: “First of all, I wish you a speedy recovery. If you have decided it is because you will not feel well, and the first thing is safety. Also, what happened to you last year makes him be more calm about these things. I am sure that if he had a chance to run he would be here, but it is clear that the most important thing for him is to recover. “

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