Qualifiers: Uruguay fell with Bolivia and complicated their classification

Bolivia beat Uruguay 3-0 at the height of La Paz, reached 15 points, left those led by Oscar Washington Tabárez involved in a deep crisis facing the four games that remain and for now out of Qatar 2022.

A double by Juan Carlos Arce and the contribution of Marcelo Moreno Martins (scorer of the South American Qualifiers So what this Tuesday missed a penalty) They sentenced the fate of La Celeste, which has 16 points, but with a worse goal difference than Colombia and Chile.

Rumors about the departure of Maestro Tabárez have been raging on the other bank of the Río de la Plata for weeks and the performance of the footballers was very weak.

The tie did not favor either of the two and this generated an open match. Uruguay tried to keep the game at its own pace, but Bolivia pushed it against Muslera, although he lacked the last precise pass to generate goal chances.

Only at 27 minutes did the risk arrive, in this case caused by Uruguay with a long ball that it received Nández, who finished off very deviated.

Two minutes later the award for Bolivia arrived: after a good triangulation, Arce sent a good cross looking for Moreno Martins, who failed to connect, but the ball slipped out of Muslera’s hands. to go to the bottom of the net.

In the reply, Uruguay disturbed Lampe with a cross from Nández that passed in front of the goal without anyone ever pushing it.

But A new error by the Uruguayans generated another emotional peak in Hernando Siles, since Vecino and Godín did not agree to take a ball and the steering wheel ended up throwing it at the corner kick.

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And in that corner executed by Arce, Moreno Martins rose, beat Godín and placed her at the near post. With this conquest, Moreno Martins follows first in the scorers’ table of the Playoffs with 9 points.

In the beginning of the snap, Uruguay brought out its tradition and the local team was hit by force centers and shots from outside the area they collided with a concentrated Lampe.

That is how Bolivia came out fast, Moreno Martins sought out Carmelo Algarañaz, the Always Ready forward he ran and dragged the also admitted Giovanni González, who ended up making him a criminal.

Moreno Martins stood in front of the ball looking for his 10th goal, but Muslera managed to make him nervous and the Cruzeiro forward threw her out.

That wasted opportunity encouraged Uruguay, which continued to attack with little clarity. But Maple he definitely put on the figure suit when he received a precise center from Saucedo, He beat Giménez in the jump and with a strong header he beat the Uruguayan goalkeeper.

The team led by César Farías -that with this result the repechage also fights- he scored the third goal playing with ten for the expulsion of Algarañaz and that situation reflected the bad football and emotional moment of Uruguay, which he tried in vain to discount.

In January 2022, the Celeste must travel to Asuncion to face Paraguay, then receives to Venezuela, while on the double date of March it will be local before Peru and will travel to Santiago to face chili. Four key matches to decide whether or not to participate in the World Cup.


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