Qualifiers: the Argentine National Team beat Peru 1-0 at the Monumental

The Argentine National Team led by Lionel Scaloni defeated Peru by 1-0 at the Monumental stadium, with a goal by Lautaro Martínez at the end of the first half, to conquer a valuable victory for the last date of the October window of the South American Qualifiers. With this victory, the albiceleste team stretched his undefeated to 25 games and took another big step towards qualifying for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The champion of America did not take too long to generate danger in the Peruvian goal. After three minutes, the first dangerous collective combination arrived. A quick cross between Rodrigo De Paul and Giovani Lo Celso He accelerated the offensive maneuver, which was later advanced with a loan from Lionel Messi to Ángel Di María. Those of PSG understood each other perfectly but Di María finished off deflected in his stinging approach to the area, although the ball did not go too far from the goal.

Those led by Argentine Ricardo Gareca responded promptly.
Just two minutes later, a free kick by Gianluca Lapadula was able to advance the score in favor of the Peruvian team. Your shot, strong to the stick of the Argentine archer, was contained without major problems by Emiliano “dra “Martínez.

At eight minutes, “Cuti” Romero yelled a goal that lasted a sigh. The defender had connected, with a header, a free kick by De Paul, but the Brazilian Wilton Sampaio ended up taking the lead from the Tottenham player.

De Paul’s Surrender

Averaged the first half, a football sequence revealed the deployment of De Paul, the partner chosen by Lionel Messi. At 20 minutes, the former Racing was in charge of closing the door of a dangerous attack by the Peruvian team, which began when Di María lost the ball and Gareca’s men launched themselves in a fast counterattack. When Lapadula escaped through the Argentine background, the current Atlético de Madrid followed closely until Draw Martínez took possession of the ball.

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Three minutes later, the sequence of the delivery of the Argentine steering wheel was completed. Of Paul protagonist again, now pulling the strings of the attack, with precision and speed. First, delivering for the projection of Nahuel Molina and then, when the ball returned rejected at his feet, yielding for a Di María thrown into the area, which he resolved first but could not connect at ease.

De Paul, generously deployed at the Monumental (Image: AFP).

The Aleti man was also a participant in the Argentine goal, which arrived at 42 minutes, behind a wall with Molina, who threw a perfect cross that was headed by Lautaro Martínez. Once the ball entered and the scoreboard sealed the albiceleste dominance of the first half, the Monumental grandstands exploded with pure joy and accompanied the team with pure “oil” in their collective maneuvers until they went to the locker room.

Peru’s prison

The second half was marked by a tampering with the Argentine protagonism. Peru took advantage of the albiceleste pause and advanced, little by little, in the field of play of Núñez. From the bank, Gareca knew how to interpret what was happening in front of him. The Argentine coach took Lapadula out after another play in which “Cuti” Romero won the nine and, instead, admitted Jefferson Farfán.

In the first ball that went to him, the attacker did everything well and opened the way for the Peruvian draw. Gareca’s men tackled a fast and perfect counter that Yoshimar Yotún deepened with a spectacular assignment for Farfán’s run. The striker escaped Romero and, as he entered the area, he was shot down by “Dibujos” Martínez. The Brazilian Sampaio did not hesitate a second to collect a penalty. But in the final duel, Yotún could not repeat the good of his previous action and his shot he hit hard on the crossbar, which contributed his own to the second Argentine victory in a row at the Monumental.


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