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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 898 to Bring Samsung’s 4nm Lithograph in 2021

Qualcomm recently introduced an improved version of its Snapdragon 888, the Snapdragon 888+ (Plus) 5G chipset with improvements to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) processing engine. Now, he focuses on the Snapdragon 898 which should adopt the lithography of 4 nm, Samsung’s process, with improvements of up to 20% in processing power.

The creation of North American technology should be officially unveiled in mid-December, as a general rule, during Qualcomm’s annual event. Unsurprisingly, this will be the “heart” used by the major manufacturers. mobile in the next generation of high-end Android smartphones arriving in 2022.

Qualcomm’s next “heart” will be called Snapdragon 898 or 895

Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 chip

The nomenclature is not defined. After the presentation of the Snapdragon 888 model, the naming scheme would be slightly changed, but it can be resumed, adopting in this case the name Snapdragon 985. Otherwise, we will have Snapdragon 898.

Regardless of the name, your model number has already been mentioned by the popular filter Digital chat station such as SM8450. The same source also points out that the new processor will equip most of the high-end smartphones next year. Something that seems natural for a top-of-the-range processor from the American manufacturer.

Plus, we’re just a few months away from Qualcomm’s regular announcement schedule. As a general rule, the company chooses the month of December to celebrate the annual launch event in the heavenly US state of Hawaii.

The upcoming 4nm processor will perform up to 20% better

The source suggests that this processor will take advantage of the manufacturing process in 4 nm, compared to the current standard of 5 nm. This reduction in the distance between processor components will result in lower power consumption and increased performance.

More specifically, a 20% increase in processing power for the Snapdragon 898, the next-gen SoC, compared to the SD888. However, there is a reference to chip heating in the words of the filter.

It should be remembered that until now, information leaks suggested a new architecture and organization for the processor. More specifically, the adoption of the 64-bit ARM v9 Pure system for all the cores present in this future SoC.

That is, we have an architecture of three bunches or groups of processing cores. It will have a first super core Cortex-X2, a second large core Cortex-A710, as well as a fourth smaller core, Cortex-A510.

Xiaomi may be the first to use the Snapdragon 898

In particular, the Cortex-X2 will provide a 16% performance improvement over the X1. However, after Qualcomm has perfected the ARM design, the increase in throughput will reach 20%.

However, we have to wait for the first series-produced units to determine their true power with tests and benchmarks.

Still, if the tradition continues, Xiaomi will be one of the first, if not the first manufacturer, to use this Qualcomm chip. It is expected to be unveiled in mid to late December at Qualcomm’s annual event.

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