Qualcomm announces that the Galaxy S23 will arrive worldwide with Snapdragon chip

Samsung is expected to launch its phones from the Galaxy S23 series the first week of February, according to the latest rumors, and this could be the year when all models ship with the same chipset globally.

The last Qualcomm’s quarterly results presentation confirm that heThe Samsung Galaxy S23 series will use Snapdragon chips all over the world.

Qualcomm CFO Akash Palkhiwala confirmed expectations for a strong second half of the March quarter (Q1) 2023, likely coinciding with the first few months of sales for the Galaxy S23 series phones.

He also confirmed that Qualcomm has gone from a 75% share (of chipsets) in the Galaxy S22 series to a global share, ie Qualcomm chipsets for all S23 series models.

So from the perspective of the March quarter, you are right, Samsung’s launch profit for the new phone would be at the rate of the second half of the March quarter. So it’s nearing the end of the quarter, but that will be a bonus as our 75% share in the Galaxy S22 rises to the global share in the Galaxy S23.

Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon confirmed a multi-year collaboration with Samsung that It will bring Snapdragon chipset to all high-end Samsung Galaxy phones around the world.

On the phones side, we signed a new multi-year agreement with Samsung, expanding the use of Snapdragon platforms for future next-gen Samsung Galaxy products around the world.

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