Home World Pyongyang claims to have launched ballistic missile from submarine

Pyongyang claims to have launched ballistic missile from submarine

Pyongyang claims to have launched ballistic missile from submarine

North Korea’s weaponry continues to improve technologically. The official North Korean agency KCNA indeed announced Wednesday that Pyongyang had successfully tested a “new type” of ballistic missile launched by a submarine the day before.

If the information were confirmed, this test could give a considerable advantage to the Northern regime at a time when the two Koreas, still technically at war, seem to be engaged in an arms race and the Washington-Pyongyang dialogue is at stake. stop.

Information announced Tuesday by the South

According to KCNA, the weapon is equipped with “many advanced control and guidance technologies.” It was fired from the same submarine, the “8.24 Yongung”, that the country used in its first sea-to-surface strategic ballistic missile (SLBM) test five years ago. Pyongyang has already carried out two submarine launches in 2016 and 2019, but the Pentagon and analysts believe they were carried out from a submerged platform. The South Korean army also indicated on Tuesday that the device launched was an SLBM fired from Sinpo, in eastern North Korea, towards the sea.

If the new missile was successfully fired from an active submarine, it would mark a new stage for the North Korean arsenal with the possibility of deployment well beyond the Korean peninsula, and a second capability. strikes in the event of an attack on its military bases.

United States calls for dialogue

At the international level, the case worries. The UN Security Council will thus meet urgently behind closed doors on Wednesday afternoon at the request of the United Kingdom and the United States, diplomats said. The White House explained that the new launch was a threat that only underscored the “urgent” need for dialogue with Pyongyang, but also its “steadfast” commitment to help defend South Korea and Japan.

For its part, the South Korean National Security Council, meeting urgently on Tuesday, expressed its “deep regret” and also urged Pyongyang to resume dialogue. The new fire also comes as the director of US intelligence services, Avril Haines, is in Seoul to participate in a meeting with her South Korean and Japanese counterparts on North Korea.

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