PVY Z20 Pro review: Affordable folding electric bike

Not all users want to spend four figures on an electric bike. It is thinking of those who want a cheaper solution that the Z20 Pro from the young PVY brand appears. It is an electric urban bicycle that is also foldable.

The PVY Z20 Pro is the first electric bike from this young manufacturer and it focuses on value for money. At the time of writing, it costs €759 on the brand’s official website and is available in gray and white. Do we know her better?

PVY Z20 Pro

PVY Z20 Pro Main Features:

  • 250 W motor (possibility of unlocking for 500 W)
  • Torque: 50Nm
  • 36V 10.4Ah removable battery with key
  • Charging time between 4 to 6 hours
  • Maximum autonomy estimated at 80 km (assistance) or 50 km (purely electric)
  • Top speed of 25 km/h (locked) or 32 km/h (unlocked)
  • Start accelerator up to 6 km/h (locked) or free to use (unlocked)
  • aluminium frame
  • Front suspension with lock and adjustment
  • Shimano 6-speed system
  • Folding pedals with reflectors
  • 20 x 2.3-inch tires.
  • mechanical disc brakes
  • Maximum load weight: 150 kg
  • Weight with battery: 22 kg
  • USB output for charging devices
  • Possibility to fold
  • rear trunk
  • LCD screen

Unboxing and first impressions of the PVY Z20 Pro

The unboxing experience of the PVY Z20 Pro is quite complete if we take its price into account. The box is not very big, since the bike arrives folded. This comes with a rear rack already attached and fenders front and rear.

It comes with a basic set of tools to assemble what is missing, such as the pedals, front light and rear reflector and tighten the handlebars. It should be noted that it does not have a rear light that you will have to buy separately, and only a reflector.

PVY Z20 Pro

It also comes with the charger, and two accessories that we don’t usually see coming from the factory. We have a support for you to place it on the handlebars and fix your smartphone, and also a cover for when you want to store your bike and prevent dust from entering it.

This was some of the simplest assembly and unboxing I’ve seen on an electric bike, as most of the “work” was already done. First impressions are positive and it’s time to hit the road.

What it’s like to drive the PVY Z20 Pro

When we look at its price and size, we don’t think much of it. But in reality, the PVY Z20 Pro is a very stable and reliable bike to ride. This owes a lot to the fact that it has front suspension and a relatively comfortable saddle.

PVY Z20 Pro

It has 20-by-2.3-inch tires, good for that kind of mobility. But it’s good to note that, right from the start, our test unit made some clutter in the brakes and suspension that only maintenance will eliminate, and not just ‘walking’.

It should be noted that this has a 250 W motor, unlockable at 500 W. That’s where you get the most help on climbs, and a top speed that can reach 32 km/h with the accelerator.

PVY Z20 Pro

It has three modes of pedal assistance (PAS), which vary between 15 and 25 km/h when locked. In zero mode it works like a normal bike, with its six speeds. With this unlocked, the throttle comes in after you hit the first pedal to help you start or climb.

With this unlocked, in PAS 1 mode, it reaches 18 km/h with pedal assistance. In mode 2 it reaches 25 km/h and in the third mode it reaches 32 km/h with pedal assistance. In any of the three modes the accelerator reaches this speed. But how to unlock?

PVY Z20 Pro

How to unlock the PVY Z20 Pro

  • Press and hold Power and M keys simultaneously for 5 seconds to enter setup mode
  • Press the power key to switch the setting mode to P2
  • Press M key to enter speed setting mode
  • Press the on/off key to change from 25 to 32 km/h
  • Press and hold the power on/off key again until the settings are saved

After these steps, unlocking is done and you can get more out of this electric bike. What you should keep in mind is that any unlocking, even simple, is done at your own risk. Because in Europe the regulations are that there can only be pedaling assistance up to 25 km/h.

When unlocked, the PVY Z20 Pro tackles any climb without a hitch. You have to keep in mind that I weigh around 60kg, and this is a bike that weighs 22kg. And you get good results from PAS mode 2.

PVY Z20 Pro

Here we have a pretty decent Shimano 6-speed system and healthy disc brakes in this price range. After tuning up and removing the stray noise, the brakes are pretty decent.

It has a very comfortable saddle for the price, and we can say that the grips also provide a satisfying experience. As already mentioned, the front light is included and we can say that it is decent. There is no sign of the rear light, as there is only a reflector in the box. So that’s a little extra expense if you’re going to be walking in dim light and want to be seen.

PVY Z20 Pro

How is the construction, design and weight of the PVY Z20 Pro

For the price, the PVY Z20 Pro is well built, with an aluminum frame. The finishes are surprisingly good, although there are some stray noises that require tuning once you finish putting it together.

We do have some wires throughout the frame, but nothing over the top for the price range it’s in. It is clear that here we have mostly low-cost materials, and this can be seen in the fenders or in the quality of the pedals. But they are sacrifices made to offer a more affordable value.

PVY Z20 Pro

Its folding zone looks well-designed and safe, and it takes about 30 seconds to process. It is a motorcycle with an urban air that anyone looking for something relatively compact will like.

At 22kg, it’s a bike that’s actually heavier than it looks. But having already tried 30-something-pound bikes, this is a real blessing. And the handle on the frame makes it easy to carry.

PVY Z20 Pro

It should be noted that next to the motorcycle’s charging port you have the button to turn the battery on and off, and even a USB port. This can be used, for example, to charge your smartphone in an emergency.

How is the autonomy of the PVY Z20 Pro

The PVY Z20 Pro has a 36V 10.4Ah battery, which is located in the bike frame and can be removed with one of the keys included in the box. This is a good security system, as only those with the key have access to the battery.

This means that you can charge it with it on the bike, or leave it in the garage, for example, and take the battery home to charge. This charge lasts about 4 and a half hours.

PVY Z20 Pro

The brand promises a range of 50 km with the motorcycle unlocked or 80 km with it locked. But you should keep in mind that this is an ideal scenario. Based on my testing, I’d aim for 30+ km with it unlocked (up to 32 km/h on throttle) and 45-50 km with it locked (up to 25 km/h without throttle) with some hills in between. . The more force on the wrist or more climbs, the worse autonomy.

The security system of the PVY Z20 Pro

As already mentioned, the battery is protected by a key system, which is necessary to remove and install it. We have a button to turn the motorcycle on and off, and from there it only remains to enjoy. In any case, if you are going to leave your bike overnight in a place that you do not consider entirely safe, it is best to take the battery with you.

This means that when you go anywhere, you don’t have to worry about keys or codes. Only if you want to remove the battery. But a padlock will always be mandatory, in places where you feel that it is not so safe to leave it at ease.

PVY Z20 Pro

What the screen of the PVY Z20 Pro looks like

The PVY Z20 Pro doesn’t have the best screen you’ll find on an electric bike. But I can tell you that it is better than other more expensive ones that I have tried. It is an LCD panel with good visibility in the sun, and that gives you the basic information.

It shows you the current speed, the pedal assist mode and the distance covered in the current trip. It can change to show you the total kilometers already ridden by the bike. Supporting the screen you have the on / off button and the mode button (M).

PVY Z20 Pro

Conclusion on the PVY Z20 Pro

The PVY Z20 Pro is an electric bicycle that you should take into account if you are looking for an urban, folding option with this compact format with 20-inch wheels. Also, the suspension makes all the difference for a very stable ride.

If we forget about the initial stray noises and do a careful adjustment of the disc brakes, here is a good bike for short to medium rides. And to carry your purchases, it comes with a rack (trunk) already incorporated.

pvy z20 pro

You can easily fold it to put it in the trunk of the car or at home, and it comes with the possibility of unlocking it (see above). There you go from an accelerator up to 6 km/h and assisted pedaling up to 25 km/h to assisted pedaling and accelerator up to 32 km/h. All this with a power ranging from 250 W to 500 W.

While the legality of this option is something to consider, that extra power makes all the difference when you want to climb that steep street. In this mode, this bike tackles any of these climbs fearlessly.

pvy z20 pro

Without tarnishing, it has good finishes for the price and an aluminum frame. The fenders and pedals could be better, and the tail light is non-existent (it only comes with a reflector). But in the box we find unusual accessories, such as a smartphone holder and a protective cover when stored.

Overall, for this price, it’s a safe option that provides stable and fun city driving. It bears our seal of quality, with good value for money.

Strengths of the PVY Z20 Pro

  • Folds flat for easy storage at home or in the car.
  • The front suspension provides a comfortable ride.
  • Disc brakes with interesting performance for the price.
  • Trunk (rack) in the rear part already incorporated
  • Ability to unlock throttle and speed

Points to improve the PVY Z20 Pro

  • It only has a reflector and no rear light.
  • Some parasitic noises that require initial adjustment

PVY Z20 Pro Availability

The PVY Z20 Pro has a base price of €782 on the official website, and at the time of writing it is on sale for just €759.

This has a 2 year warranty and the frame has a 10 year warranty. You will not have to worry about extra fees or customs, since shipments are made from a European warehouse (in Germany), and take between 3 and 7 working days.

It is always good to remember that you can apply for the Environmental Fund incentive and recover part of the value of your purchase. You can learn more about this topic at Official website of the Environmental Fund.

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  1. How for Heavens sake do you get 22kg???
    Mine weighs 24,5 kg – but without splashguards, the heavy bicycle rack, and additionally I exchanged the front wheel with a much lighter one from the Fiido D4S. I expect the total weight of my bike with your configuration by around 31, 32kg – 10kg heavier than yours!

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