“Putin would never speak his name”

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During their recent show at The Sphere, U2 honored the late Alexei Navalny and remembered the victims of Russia and Vladimir Putin.

One day after his death was announced U2 decided to pay an emotional and powerful tribute to Alexei Navalnythe Russian opposition leader who died suddenly on February 16 in one of the country’s most extreme prisons.

Alexei was an activist who opposed Vladimir Putin’s government who arrived in an Arctic prison in December last year (he was transferred from another prison he was in). continues to serve his sentence for the alleged crimes of fraud, misappropriation of funds and extremism.

Russian Alexei Navalny must love his country very much to return after his death
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Activist Alexei Navalny died on February 16

The truth is that Many activists accuse Vladimir Putin of orchestrating the political persecution against Navalnywho accused the president of corruption and organized several protests against him for at least 15 years.

But well, during the show that U2 performed during their stay in Las Vegas, Bono and Co. decided to pay tribute to Alexei Navalny and remind society that this month marks the second anniversary of the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

U2 recalled that February this year marks the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Photo: Getty Images

U2 reminded the people of Ukraine that they are still fighting for their freedom

It was on the stage of The spherethe innovative venue where U2 continues its series of shows to mark the anniversary of “Aehrung Baby”. The Irish band’s leader took a moment to remember the late activist.

“Next week it will be two years since Putin invaded Ukraine”Bono said to the audience in attendance. “For these people “Freedom” is not just a word in a song. For these people, “freedom” is the most important word in the world.”he added.

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Bono and Co. also remembered Alexei Navalny, the activist who died on February 16th. Photo: U2 (via X)

And he also paid tribute to the late Russian activist

Bono emphasized the Ukrainian people’s fight against Russia for their freedom. “And it is so important that Alexei Navalny decided to give up his own freedom”Bono said to applause from fans of The Sphere, whom the singer asked about the name Navalny.

“Apparently Putin would never say his name, so I thought we people who believe in freedom should say his name tonight.”… Don’t just remember it, say it: Alexei Navalny!”Bono said as the activist repeated the name several times to fans:

Hundreds of protesters were arrested for remembering Navalny’s memory

The causes of Alexei Navalny’s death are currently unknown.. The Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia’s Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug reported only that the activist felt unwell and “lost consciousness” after a walk.

Although Russian authorities said they tried unsuccessfully to revive him.Many activists remembered that Alexei attempted poisoning in prison in 2021, which is why they point out that the Russian government was behind Navalny’s death.

The causes of Navalny’s death are still unclear. Photo: Getty Images

After the death of Alexei Nalvany, Hundreds of people went to various cities in Russia to pay tribute to the activist and remember other victims of Vladimir Putin’s repression. According to the human rights organization OVD-Info, at least 340 people were arrested as a result of these mobilizations.

Alexei Navalny. Photo: Getty Images

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