Putin will restore the athletes’ parades on Red Square, which have not taken place since 1945

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a proposal to the government Recover from the athletes’ parades that took place on Red Square for the last time in August 1945 in the presence of then Soviet leader Josef Stalin.

Putin ordered the executive branch to introduce him the relevant proposals before next March 1stsaid the Kremlin on its website.

The initiative lies with the president of International Boxing Association (IBA)Umar Kremliov, who emphasized that the organizers are already preparing the lists of participants.

“The idea came from the Soviet parades that were shown to everyone Unity, cohesion and unbreakable faith that sport unites all generations,” he explained.

He announced that those who believe in it will take part in the parade on Red Square Friendship between all athletes, whether professional or amateur.

This parade was held for the first time in 1919 and was led by Stalin since 1931a tradition that was interrupted by the Great Patriotic War (1941), as the Soviet episode of the Second World War is known here.

The last of these parades took place in August 1945 Celebrate the victory over Nazi Germanysince from then on it was played in the Dinamo Moscow stadium.

While, Authorities have not yet decided whether they will allow their athletes to compete As a neutral at the Paris Olympics, the government has planned all kinds of competitions for its athletes.

Putin decreed that from September 15th to 29th next year the the World Friendly Games as an alternative to the Olympic Games.

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The aim of the games is to ensure security “free participation of Russian athletes” in competitions and the development of “new formats of international sports cooperation,” says the decree.

Russia will organize next year BRICS games from June 12th to 23rd – a month before the Olympic Games – in the Tatar capital Kazan, where the Future Games will take place in March.

In these games they will compete against each other the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligenceComputer technology, robotics, virtue reality and cyber sports, all combined with physical activity.

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