Putin threatened me with a missile attack over the phone, Boris Johnson reveals

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has claimed that Russian President Putin threatened him with a missile attack in an “extraordinary” phone call the night before Russia invaded Ukraine.

In a BBC documentary, Boris Johnson said he had warned Russian President Putin that an attack on Ukraine would lead to Western sanctions.

Boris Johnson informed Putin of the motives for the war, but he showed stubbornness and instead threatened him with missile attacks.

Boris Johnson also told Putin that more NATO troops would be deployed on Russia’s borders in case of an attack on Ukraine.

At which President Putin calmly threatened him that we do not want to harm you but it will only take a minute from the missile.

Boris Johnson also tried to stop Russian military action by telling Putin that Ukraine would not join NATO “for the foreseeable future”.

Boris Johnson said that he had also offered the Ukrainian president to move to a safe place, which he did not accept and remained in Ukraine.

This claim was made in a BBC documentary which examines Russian President Putin’s interactions with world leaders.

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