Putin signs decree to facilitate the installation of Ukrainians in Russia

President Russian, Vladimir Putin, signed a decree that facilitates the stay and work of hundreds of thousands of people who left Ukraine for Russia since Moscow’s military intervention in that country.

Holders of a Ukrainian passport and inhabitants of the pro-Russian breakaway territories of Donetsk and Lugansk (in eastern Ukraine) will be able to stay in Russia "without term limitation"according to "temporary measures" Posted this Saturday.

Until now, Ukrainians could stay in Russia a maximum of 90 days per six-month period and to work they had to request a special authorization.

Henceforth they will have "the right to maintain a professional activity in Russia without a work permit".

But, to benefit from these measures, they will have to undergo screening for drug use and infectious diseases, In addition to declaring your presence by leaving your photo and fingerprints in the registration record.

On the other hand, the decree prohibits the expulsion to Ukraine of citizens of that country, except for those who have served prison sentences or are considered a threat to Russia’s security.

Putin signed another decree that determines the payment of social subsidies to vulnerable people (retired, disabled, pregnant women) who had been forced to leave Ukraine or the separatist territories.

According to Moscow, some 3.6 million Ukrainians, including 587,000 children, fled to Russia after the military offensive launched on Putin’s orders against the neighboring country in late February. The Russian authorities encourage these departures and set up reception centers throughout the country.

Some of these refugees, often helped by activists, later managed to leave Russia heading to countries of the European Union.

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The Russian government announced in July measures to facilitate the naturalization of Ukrainians. kyiv denounced this initiative as an attempt by Moscow to consolidate its influence in the territories conquered by its troops.

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