Putin says Russia is proud of its National Guard in Ukraine

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, affirmed this Sunday that the country is proud of its military that "do their duty" in Ukraine, according to a video message dedicated to the Day of the Russian National Guard collected by the TASS agency. “Today I want to address in particular all the military and personnel of the Russian National Guard who are participating in the special military operation (as he calls the bombing and invasion of Ukraine) on the territory of Donbass and Ukraine,” the president emphasized. Putin admitted in his message before the Day of the National Guard (Rosgvardiya) that is celebrated this Sunday, that “the actual combat situation is certainly associated with high risks,” notes TASS.

"I know very well how you act in such situations: bravely and professionally, skillfully, decisively and fearlessly. Our great country is proud"said the president, according to TASS

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