Putin responds to peace talks in Saudi Arabia with a massive missile attack on Ukraine

The start of peace talks in Saudi Arabia has apparently become a red line for Russia, which demonstrated its response to the talks, which brought together representatives from around 42 countries in Jeddah, by launching a massive drone and missile strike on targets in Saudi Arabia last night of Ukraine started. Ukraine’s air defense intercepted 57 drones and missiles, including 13 Kalibr cruise missiles and 17 X-101/555 cruise missiles.

The attack came in several waves from different directions. The Kalibr missiles were launched by the Russian fleet in the Black Sea during the X-101/555 missiles were launched from strategic bombers from the Caspian Sea. Kinzhal-type supersonic missiles were also fired, but the Ukrainian Air Force did not say whether they were intercepted.

Spokesman Yuriy Ignat announced that the Khmelnytsky region was the main target of the attack and that Russia was diverting its attention from Ukrainian ports for the time being. “It is the Starokonstantinov airfield that continues to worry our enemies. The reason for this is clear: our pilots are beating up the enemy in the occupied territories while their ammunition depots are constantly exploding,” he said.

Although much less numerous than Russian, Ukrainian aviation continued to use it successfully during the invasion. It was boosted by the supply of long-range Storm Shadow missiles by Britain and France, enabling Ukraine to attack targets up to 300 kilometers away. No details were given about the damage caused by the Russian attack on the military objects, although local authorities reported damage to several private houses and fires.

Ignat stressed that this was not the first attack on this airfield and assured that Russia could not easily destroy Ukrainian planes. “Our aviation is quite mobile, our pilots know what to do. We have dozens of operational airfields in our area,” he explained.

The attack happened on the day that Ukrainian airmen were celebrating their professional day. According to the chief of this type of troops, Mykola OleshchukSince the full-scale invasion began almost a year and a half ago, the Air Force has shot down 3,500 Russian targets. The number includes 350 fighter jets and helicopters, 1,200 winged and 24 ballistic missiles, plus more than 2,000 drones and 13 missiles “Kinzhal”.

Oleshchuk expressed hope that Ukrainian pilots will soon be able to field Western F-16 fighters, which are said to be a crucial addition to the country’s overburdened air defenses. According to President Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian pilots should start training this month.

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“The international community must focus on ensuring a just and lasting peace: Arm Ukraine, including F-16sto close the skies and implement the Ukrainian ‘peace formula’,” stressed the Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kulebaafter the attack.

It is Russia’s “expected response” to the Jeddah meeting, where the world will decide “what to do with them without them,” a Ukrainian army spokeswoman said. Natalia Humenyuk. “They often resort to such attacks precisely during the activities of world leaders,” he suggested.

According to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, the participants came to the conclusion “that respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and the primacy of the UN Charter must be the basis of any peace agreement.”

Sources for the newspaper in the European Union announced that it was decided to form working groups on the key issues of the 10 points of the “peace formula” proposed by Kiev. “The date for the meeting of the heads of state has not yet been set, but it could take place at the end of the year,” it said.

“The rules-based international order that has been disrupted by Russian aggression must be restored,” he said. Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his daily address to Ukrainians.

“The consolidation of the world is one of the most important tasks. “The greater the consolidation of the world for the restoration of a just peace, the sooner the bombs and missiles with which Moscow wants to replace the norms of international law will be eliminated,” he said.

Zelenskyy praised the achievements of the Ukrainian defense industry and stressed the importance of its further development. “The results are there, everyone can see them, and they are fair, correct results,” he said, apparently referring to drone strikes on Russian ships and deep within Russian territory. The President stated that it was important “to show the aggressor state the effects of its aggression”.

“Anyone who causes trouble for others must feel for themselves what these problems are about,” emphasized Zelenskyj.

According to him, on Saturday Russia also targeted the blood transfusion center in the municipality of Kupyansk in the Kharkiv region. At least two People died and four were injured.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, reported on the attempt to attack the city with a drone, which was allegedly stopped. Vnukovo Airport was temporarily closed while “dangerous targets” remained in the sky.

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