Putin regrets that Tucker Carlson did not ask incisive questions in his interview

Russian President Vladimir Putin andx expressed regret over the lack of pithy questions from former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, during his interview. This was the first time a Western journalist had been granted permission since the start of the war in Ukraine and was published a week ago.

In an interview with Russian state television host Pavel Zarubin published on Telegram the evening before, Putin commented: “Honestly, I thought (Carlson) was going to be aggressive and, like I said, ask tough questions. “Not only was I ready for it, I wanted it.”

Putin noted that there was a lack of confrontation on the issues did not allow him to answer as he had preparedwhich would have given the conversation “some specificity.”

The controversial interview, which has drawn strong criticism in Western countries and Ukraine, lasted two hours and seven minutes. It was published on the ultra-conservative journalist’s website and on the social network which has been blocked in Russia since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.


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