putin is objective "major" of Ukraine, confirm in kyiv Vadim Skibitski, deputy head of the Intelligence services of the Defense Ministry, assured that Vladimir Putin "is at the top" off your wish list. 5:12 p.m.

The deputy head of the Defense Ministry’s Intelligence services, Vadim Skibitski, confirmed on Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin “is at the top” of his target list.

He’s realizing that we’re closing in on him, but maybe he’s also afraid of being killed by his own people. It is now that he is starting to show his head, and if he does, we are not sure it is really him,” Skibitski speculated in an interview for the German network Welt.

Skibitski has ruled out, however, that Ukraine has targeted propagandists and civilians affiliated with the Kremlin. “Our priority is to eliminate those who order their men to attack,” he said, including the head of the Wagner Group, Yevgeni Prigozhin.

Killing him would save many lives… According to international law, it is a legitimate target,” said the second-highest man in Ukraine’s military intelligence services.

In turn, he has stressed that all those involved in the Russian aggression, from the warlord, through the high command and businessmen who support the Kremlin, must pay the consequences.

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