Home World Putin calls for developing military drones with artificial intelligence

Putin calls for developing military drones with artificial intelligence

Putin pide desarrollar drones militares con inteligencia artificial

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday recommended that his army use all modern technologies, including artificial intelligence, to strengthen its military drones, a weapon increasingly used in the former USSR.

During a meeting with officials of the Russian Defense Ministry, Putin said that Moscow had in its arsenal "of more than 2,000 drones", according to comments posted on the Kremlin’s website.

"We must prioritize this, work intensively, as was the case recently, taking into account in particular the use of artificial intelligence and the latest advances in technology and science."continued the Russian leader.

According to him, in recent armed conflicts, drones have proven their effectiveness and demonstrated the possible dangers they pose against Russia. He also evoked the "terrorist attacks with unmanned vehicles" In Syria.

"We have learned how to repel these attacks and we are doing it effectively"Putin said, adding that the Russian army must advance in this area based on its experience and what it observes. "around it".

Russia is developing a new generation of weapons touted as "invincible" by Vladimir Putin, such as the Avangard hypersonic missile, but has also made announcements related to the development of drones, mainly for its arms exports.

In recent years, Turkey and Israel have sold drones to various countries of the former USSR.

Last week Moscow raised concerns about Kiev’s use of a Turkish-made attack drone against pro-Russian rebels in the east of the country.

The Kremlin considered that the use of these weapons could destabilize the situation at the front.


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