Home World Putin accuses the West of wanting to sow chaos and dismember Russia

Putin accuses the West of wanting to sow chaos and dismember Russia

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the West of failing to act Dismember and plunder Russiain a video conference message to the participants of the XXV. World Council of the Russian People, which took place in Moscow.

“What do they really want (in the West)? What they really want is Dismember and plunder Russia. Force doesn’t work for them, so they sow chaos,” the president said.

According to Putin, the West “in principle does not need a country as large and multinational as Russia.”

“Our diversity and unity of cultures, traditions, languages, ethnic groups They do not fit into the logic of Western racists and colonizers“, in its cruel system of complete dehumanization, division, oppression and exploitation,” the Russian president said.

The Russian president also denounced that “the Russophobia and other forms of racism and neo-Nazism “are now practically the official ideology of the Western ruling elites.”

Putin assured that these demonstrations were directed not only against Russians, but against the entire Russian people.

“We consider any external interference, any provocation aimed at provoking inter-ethnic or inter-religious conflicts as aggressive actions against our country, as an attempt to re-launch terrorism and extremism against Russia, as a tool to fight against us,” Putin said, adding that Russia I will respond “appropriately”..

“The Russian world consists of all generations of our ancestors, our descendants. The Russian world consists of Ancient Rus, Moscow, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and modern-day Russiathat restores, strengthens and multiplies its sovereignty as a world power,” he emphasized.

At the beginning of his speech, Putin asked a minute’s silence in memory of the fallen in the campaign in Ukraine. “They fought for us, for our country. Eternal glory,” he said.

This is exactly one of the reasons given by the Kremlin for starting the military campaign in the neighboring country the defense of the so-called Russian worldthat is, the post-Soviet geographical space where ethnic Russians live and the Pushkin language is spoken.

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