Putin accuses NATO of complicity with the kyiv “regime”

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused NATO countries of being complicit, albeit indirect, in the crimes of the “Kiev regime” for supplying him with weapons free of charge to bomb residential neighborhoods, in an interview broadcast yesterday on television Russian state.

“It is not simply technical-military cooperation. Do they (NATO countries) get money? No, they don’t receive it!” stressed the president in statements to the “Moscú.Kremlin.Putin” program broadcast on Sundays by the Rossía 1 channel.

The Russian president stressed that weapons, worth tens of billions of dollars, are transferred to Ukraine “unilaterally”, and this means that, “albeit indirectly, it is complicity with the crimes of the Kiev regime, including the shelling of residential neighborhoods.

The “partition” of Russia

He insisted on his thesis that the objective of the West is the partition of Russia.

“They have only one objective: to liquidate the extinct Soviet Union and its fundamental part, the Russian Federation. And then, perhaps, they will welcome us into the so-called family of civilized peoples, but each piece separately”, in order “to be able to control it”, Putin said.

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