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Purchases of books in Wallapop increased by 399% by the end of the course

Purchases of books in Wallapop increased by 399% by the end of the course

In the last weeks of August, Spanish families are preparing to start the new course by buying school supplies, an economic outlay that, according to Statista data, meant an average cost of 405 euros per student last year, almost 20 euros more than the previous one Campaign. With spending increasing, families are also harnessing the potential of buying and selling reused products to make smarter, more sustainable purchases.

According to data from Wallapop, the leading platform for conscious and humane consumption among people, families start preparing for the new school year well in advance, even though September is school month again. According to the analyzed data Wallapop users use the end of the year to buy and sell their school books for the next year. Wallapop’s Reused Textbook Purchases Up 399% This Year if we compare the last week of the school year to the first of July. In addition, advertising for this type of product increased by 229% over the same period. The Balearic Islands are among the regions where more families are benefiting from this moment, with an increase of 250% in the first week of July compared to the end of the course, followed by Andalusia (132%) or the Basque Country (100%). to go to school.

The peak of transactions will be in September

Despite the early start of the campaign, families are finalizing the details using the last few days before the course begins September is expected to be a very busy month. Special, The platform assumes that the sales peak will be reached in the second week of Septembersince according to Wallapop data is the preferred time for users to buy and upload books to the platform. If we compare the last week of August with the second week of September last year, the purchase and search for textbooks increased 72% and 113%, respectively while the number of uploaded textbooks on the platform increased by 56%.

Savings for the wallet and for the environment

Last year, thanks to the purchase of reused books, we were able to The Wallapop community helped avoid 1,396 tons of CO2 emissionsThis corresponds to circumnavigating the world 153 times by plane, and 49 million liters of water, a similar amount as is drunk in Castile and León for 13 days. These amounts represent a Saving of environmental costs of 17.3 million euros, which would be enough to reforest 8,115 hectares of land.

Back to school and the circular economy are closely linked as families have traditionally shared textbooks with friends and family of the same age. Wallapop extends these opportunities by providing an alternative to buying and selling school supplies beyond the immediate circle. This creates an economic opportunity at a time of high spending, allowing families to sell books from previous courses for additional income and to purchase academic books at lower prices. In fact, according to our data, buying a reused textbook could save up to €9“, accordingly Olivia Calafat, Wallapop’s director of marketing.

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