Punter slams Joventut in a controversial last minute

Six points from Kevin Punter in the last minute struck down (68-67) at Joventut against Partizan in a Eurocopa match in which Badalona’s men deflated in a final quarter, not without arbitration controversy. The referees called Tomic a foul in attack after looking at the instant replay In the absence of 40 seconds to go and with Joventut up on the scoreboard (64-65) after signaling a foul by the defender at the time of the action, which gave Partizan more chances of victory than from the hand of Punter did not miss. The green and black came to a tight end after squandering the ten points (49-59) with which they reached the last quarter. They got stuck in attack, scoring their first basket in play Ribas with twelve seconds left and surviving on free throws. Surviving in such a situation and under pressure from the Pionir was difficult.

Joventut’s entry into the game was spectacular (2-11) with Willis and Parra leading the green-black attack with a triple and a basket under the basket each. A time out of Zeljko Obradovic led the Partizan to return the coin from the hand of Zach Leday and Rodion
Kurucs (13-11, min. 7). Zach Leday became the master of the game and with 10 points he turned the game around (22-17, min. 11) but Joventut reacted hand in hand with Brodziansky and Pau Ribas, who with two consecutive triples and seven assists led to La Penya until he regained control of the match (27-31, min. 17).

Once the problems in the defensive rebound had been overcome, the Badalona team controlled the game well, reaching a maximum difference of six points (27-33, min. 18) after Ante Tomic’s only basket in the first half. Having lost the dominance of the rebound in attack, Partizan trusted everything to Moore’s success from the three-point line and Joventut, again with Willis and Parra -17 points between them in the first half- went to rest five points up (34-39).

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Ante Tomic appeared in attack in the third quarter with six points and a pair of assists to extend the advantage of Penya, which reached eleven points (43-54, min. 27) after a triple by Joel Parra. The Serbs could not overcome the great green-black defense and only Kevin Punter pierced it with triples, to which Joventut responded by the hand of Parra and Brodziansky to finish the fourth ten points up (49-59).

The Pionir began to squeeze and Penya’s arm twitched. Zagorac and Smailagic led the Serbian volley with an initial 8-0 run until Ante Tomic scored Joventut’s first point with a free kick 5’28 “from the end. Four consecutive free throws by the green-blacks gave him air (57-63 ) 4’22 “from the end but a triple by Smailagic after a loss of the ball by Vives and a bad shot by Feliz tightened the score (62-63) at 2’18” from the end. La Penya continued to add only shots Free to keep their lead (62-65, min.39) but Kevin Punter appeared to thwart their triumph with a basket four seconds from the end that left 68-67.

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