Punter and the Real Madrid Euroleague: “For me, it’s something personal…”

The Partizán had in his hand the pass to the Final Four in the incredible series, historic and hysterical, against Real Madrid in the quarterfinals. The one that went from 0-2 for those from Belgrade to 3-2 for Real Madrid with four away wins, an incredible comeback by Chus Mateo’s men in the fifth game… and the infamous fight in the second game and the consequent sanctions, that marked the development of the tie when everything seemed upside down for Zeljko Obradovic’s team.

Yesterday Partizan played and won the third and decisive game of their ABA playoff crossover against SC Derby. After the win, There was no shortage of questions about the Real Madrid title. Dante Exum and Kevin Punter talked about them. The former still has foot problems due to his injury in that second game, when he was attacked by Yabusele. Punter, the big star, missed both games in Belgrade because of his role in the fight, which began with an ugly free kick that Sergio Llull gave him with the game already sentenced.

The journalist Bojan Brezovac from Mozzar Sport includes the statements of the Australian and the American. Exum didn’t even watch the final: “No, no. Congratulations to Real Madrid, great season. But I’m already focused on the ABA playoffs and what you have to do to win here. The Euroleague is over, I’m focused on something else now.” In addition, he assured that he continues to have problems with his toe: “I still have problems. I can play, but not 100% yet. I do what I can to be on track. I’ve been lucky, I can play even though I’m in pain. It is what it is”.

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Punter did watch part of the Final Four, but he chose his words carefully: “I can’t speak for others, and I’m going to be very careful what I say. I can’t speak for everyone, but I have taken it personally. Obviously, everyone knows why this is so. It was all still in my head, I had it present. But now, it’s over. I didn’t see Barcelona-Real Madrid, nothing. I watched Olympiacos-Monaco and then I turned off the TV.” They also asked him if Llull’s basket reminded him of any of those he has put in similar situations this season: “The truth is that I don’t care, if I have to be totally honest.” The Partizán did congratulate publicly, through his social networks, when he finished the final last Sunday.

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