Pueblo Nuevo surpasses Plaza Valerio in the upper Santiago

Leonacis Peña, shone on both sides of the court, contributing greatly so that Bahía de Pueblo Nuevo defeated Fernando Plaza Valerio 92-82, in the continuation of version 43 of the Santiago Superior Basketball Tournament, In-Memoriam José “Bombo” Abreu, with a special dedication to the administrative minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza and an option to the BanReservas Cup.

Those from Bahía were very accurate in the first half of the game, hitting 42.9% of the 3-point attempts (9/21), against a Plaza that hit 30.8% (4/13), standing out the veterans Ameth Gil and Ronald Tineo, with two triples each and a substantial contribution from Samy Rodríguez, who scored his first two attempts at the Superior de Santiago, both “with the trident in hand”, however, the Plaza shot for 55.9% from the field against a team from Pueblo Nuevo, scoring 44.2% of his attempts from the periphery.

Six Pueblo Nuevo players scored six or more points in the first half, led by Ameth Gil, who scored eight times, New Williams contributed seven and Adonis López, Samy Rodríguez, Faust David and Ronald Tineo, six each .

On the Plaza side, Juan Guerrero with 18 and Oliver García with 13, led the offensive, Jean Carlos Quezada added seven and Michael Acosta added four.

It is remarkable, the contribution of the Pueblo Nuevo bank with 25 points, in opposition to the poor support of the secondary actors of Plaza Valerio, with only four points.

Pueblo Nuevo led sets one and two, 26-25 and 24-22, to go into the halftime break, leading by three (50-47).

The penultimate regulatory section began with an exchange of baskets between the opposing teams, in the first three minutes, but Pueblo Nuevo completely neutralized Oliver García, Luis Jacobo and other offensive weapons from the Plaza, other than Juan Guerrero and dominated the third with two partial (23-21), to arrive ahead of five (73-68) to the last partial. Miguel Almonte stood out with good defensive contributions, managing to dominate the same 19-13 and thus obtain his second first-class victory and finish with a 2-3 record, while Plaza ends the same with a 3-2 mark.

Plaza looked for a reaction at the start of the fourth quarter, however, Leonacis Peña set the offensive pattern for Bahía and made laudable defensive plays, which helped Pueblo Nuevo distance the game and with 4:52 remaining in the last quarter, they dominated again. 13 (85-72) to Plaza Valerio, a distance that was unattainable for the jewelers.

the statistics

Pueblo Nuevo’s bench ended up dominating Plaza’s 44/8 in scoring, 44/39 rebounds, while Plaza dominated assists 21/19 and finished with a better field percentage (47.1%/21.3%). However, La Bahía made 15/37 baskets of three for 40.5%, against 29.6% for Plaza Valerio, the result of 8 baskets in 27 attempts.

Juan Guerrero scored 30 points in the first three quarters, did not score in the last quarter and Oliver Garcia scored two points in the second half, after finishing with 13 in the first 20 minutes of the game.

The most outstanding for Pueblo Nuevo (2-3), New Williams with 22 points, four rebounds and five assists, Ameth Gil 12 points, three rebounds and one assist, Leonacis Peña, 11 points, four rebounds, two assists and two blocks, Miguel Almonte 10 points and eight rebounds.

For Plaza Valerio (3-2), Juan Guerrero with his second double-double of the season with 30 points and 10 rebounds, was the most outstanding followed by Oliver García with 15 points, five rebounds, three assists and Jean Carlos Quezada with 11 points. and five rebounds.

The actions continue today (Wednesday), where starting at 7:00, Cupes with 2-2 and Sameji with 3-1, will be responsible for closing the first round of the regular series, while the runners-up of the Plaza and the current GUG monarchs will open the second round.

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