Home Business PubMatic presents a comprehensive retail media offering with the launch of Convert

PubMatic presents a comprehensive retail media offering with the launch of Convert

PubMatic presents a comprehensive retail media offering with the launch of Convert

PubMatic has announced the launch of Converta unified self-service advertising platform for retail media. Built on PubMatic’s global cloud infrastructure, Convert is designed for retail media networks and their advertisersallowing the monetization on and off siteincluding sponsored ads and CTV.

In a statement, PubMatic explains that Convert helps retail media networks leverage their valuable source data to expand audience at scale on the open internet. Industry leading brands, retailers and advertisers such as IPG Mediabrands, Coles 360, dentsu, Lyft Media, MiQ and wallapop have already joined PubMatic as partners in the development and announcement of their retail media platform.

The new offering is intended for both traditional retailers and a wide variety of transaction-based businesses, such as transportation or food delivery providers, travel companies or any Internet-scale company that processes online transactions.

Specific, Convert empowers retail media networks with a single, self-service platform that streamlines the complex and fragmented retail media marketplace by bringing together essential monetization and optimization in sponsored ad formats, CTV, video and display. In addition, a complete, unbiased, and privacy-focused solution, Convert ensures transparency of rates and pricing structures, along with automation and scalability for retail media networks and advertisers.

The commitment to retail media grows

The new platform complements PubMatic’s retail media offer through Connect, the omnichannel addressability solution launched in 2022 that enables data access and control on the sales side, closer to the consumer. The number of business enterprises leveraging Connect to broaden their audience continues to grow as they seek new high-margin revenue streams to complement their traditional lines of business. In the second quarter of 2023, PubMatic posted a 50% year-on-year increase in the number of customers commercial.

«We look forward to working with PubMatic on solutions that align with our goal of unifying retail media. There is a huge opportunity for us to help our brands navigate this space and retail partners are a key part of our platform ecosystem, especially those who can work on a global scale.«, points out Glen Conybeare, Executive Lead of Retail Media at IPG Mediabrands.

«The rise of retail media is well documented, and its potential to create impactful consumer experiences and drive business growth is immense.“he says for his part Paul Brooks, CEO of Coles 360, noting that they are seeing many companies evolve their ability to enter the retail media sector. «PubMatic is moving fast and its product development and investments in retail media and commerce are testament to this fact.“he reiterates.

«Dentsu is committed to driving innovation and integration for commerce media advertisers through the open Internet«, points out Bruce Williams, EVP, Head of Performance Marketing at dentsu Media US. In his view, by partnering with PubMatic, “Dentsu can leverage valuable retail and commerce data to enable advanced segmentation and reporting and drive performance across the entire media supply chain.«. «With the help of PubMatic we are advancing our end-to-end approach focused on results for media activation and strategy delivery more holistic through branding and commerce media for our clients“, he emphasizes.

For Kenan Saleh, GM, Head of Lyft Media«this new PubMatic solution gives us access to the programmatic expertise, scale and reach to help us innovate and grow our advertiser relationships and the revenue opportunities we create«. “As retail media becomes increasingly important to brands, access points are also increasingly fragmented.«, manifests Erin Madorsky, MiQ US Strategy Director., highlighting the importance for MiQ of “continue to seek partnerships with technology leaders like PubMatic to help our clients connect with valuable shoppers through retailers and drive successful business results in the retail media space”.

«Wallapop is a leading marketplace connecting consumers with new opportunities. PubMatic’s expertise in programmatic media and its launch of Convert will reinforce our business objectives to create new relationships with consumers and brands, enhance the user experience, and help drive the value we can deliver to advertisers.«, assures Soma Lepcsenyi, Programmatic Manager at Wallapop.

«Retail media will create another long-term growth engine for PubMatic’s business. Data access, monetization and control are critical to retail media networks and their advertisers, and PubMatic has a strong track record of leadership and innovation in these areas. By making significant investments in custom technology development with Convert, we are confident in our ability to continue to drive greater value for our customers.“, Add Miguel Fernandez-Gil, Country Manager Spain de PubMatic.

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