Puado’s Passionate Promotion Hero

Juan Avi Puado, the hero of Espanyol’s return to the First Division, couldn’t hide his excitement. He dedicated his goals and promotion to his grandfather, who passed away before playing against Sporting. The Barcelona striker, who scored three goals in the promotion playoffs, emphasized that the team’s collective effort was the key to their success.

Puado remembered the tough 90 minutes after Espanyol’s defeat on their field, but highlighted the importance of having the return match in front of their fans. “We are the ones who have been fighting and in the end we have done it for ourselves and for them,” he said.

‘Lele’ Cabrera: “It has been a difficult year for everyone”

Leandro Cabrera described the season as “difficult for everyone,” but chose to enjoy the team’s promotion to the top category. The Uruguayan footballer praised the team’s mental strength, saying they were “a spectacular team, very strong mentally.” He also acknowledged the quality of Oviedo, their opponent in the promotion playoffs.

Cabrera emphasized that Espanyol never doubted their chances of turning the score around. “We knew the tie was very open and it depended on us. We deserve it because it has been a very long season,” he said. He also acknowledged the previous coaches, Luis García and Ramis, and stressed that the club’s return to the First Division was the most important thing.

Joan García: “He could have done something more in Oviedo”

Joan García said he was more tired from the celebration than the game, and acknowledged his mistake in Oviedo’s goal in the first leg. “It was a goal in which I could have done a little more, but this team has overcome it and now it remains an anecdote,” he said. He praised the team’s performance, saying they deserved their promotion and that the second half was tough but not overwhelming.

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